“Gay Couple Celebrates World’s First Anal Birth” Mock-Up or Truth?

 “Gay Couple Celebrates World’s First Anal Birth” Mock-Up or Truth?

Recent news claimed that a gay couple gave birth through anal weighing 8.2 pounds, and this happened after the women’s ovaries were transplanted. The news created a buzz on the Internet; however is it a mock up or a truth?

Is this a green signal for the LGBT community to have babies of their own flesh and blood? Is this start to the revolutionary medical procedure of giving birth through anal? 

Well, the news was considered to be wholly fictional and fake. Initially, the picture of the couple holding their child was taken in June 2014, by an infant and family photographer called Lindsay Foster. The image features a gay couple Frank Nelson and BJ Barone, from Toronto, Canada. The gay couple was holding their baby child Milo, who was born into the world through surrogacy. 

Such news creates chaos and can also hurt the sentiments of the LGBT community. We must be more authentic and must curate the information that respects the feeling of all. 

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