Hindu: A Word Derived by The Traders Outside India

 Hindu: A Word Derived by The Traders Outside India

India, the land with versatile and diversified culture, art and literature has been a land of attraction since a very long time. The Sindhu has been worshipped since the 4th century BCE by the other countries and region across the world. When thought of the words Hindustan and its meaning, the most common response we might receive is that the name is after the religion Hindu, that is followed in India. But Hindustan is not the official word for India, and there holds a reason to why it is not so.

The word Hindu, as per researchers, doesn’t exist anywhere in the Sanskrit scriptures, even when it is the language in which most of the traditional scriptures have been written. The matter of question is, if in all the scriptures the word Hindu never existed, where and how was it coined?

India as a nation has had many names said in different ways globally. It is most commonly known as Hindustan or Bharat. The Indus river, which flows in the north-west of the country has been worshipped as the mother of all rivers by all the regions across the globe. Every person entering from the north-west of the country was introduced to the Indus river, which is also known as the Sindhu river. During the time when Indian trade was flourishing in the global market, the Zorabian Persians, came to India for trade and also after having heard of the fables on the Indus river. It was the Persians, who mis-pronounced the word Sindhus dropping the ‘S’ from the word and called it as ‘Hindu’ in a pronunciation influenced with their own dialect. Hence, Hindustan was the name thereby coined for the land where the Sindhu river flowed, and the people living in that region were called the Hindus.

 Though it was in the 4th century that the word ‘Hindu’ had epitomized, it got associated with the religion in the 18th century.  Hinduism, as a religion didn’t exist until then. Hindustan was referred to the land of Indus river and every person living in the land beyond it and didn’t imply to the religion of the people at the least.

Coincidentally. The word India also has its origin from the Indus river. After the partition of India in 1947, most of part of the Indus or the Sindhu river, from which the names ‘Hindustan’ and ‘India’ comes belongs to Pakistan.

The people of India derived the name of Hindus because of being a point of attraction for many regions beyond India, as being the most vastly diversified country in the world. It is from the traders and the visitors from whom the name “Hindus” evovled in India

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