UAE Prime Minister receives COVID-19 vaccine shot, shares pic

 UAE Prime Minister receives COVID-19 vaccine shot, shares pic

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – The Prime Minister of UAE shared a picture of him on the popular social media site twitter. The picture shows him receiving a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Along with the image, he tweeted “While receiving the COVID-19 vaccine today. We wish everyone safety and great health, and we are proud of our teams who have worked relentlessly to make the vaccine available in the UAE. The future will always be better in the UAE”.

In the month of September, 2020, UAE approved a Chinese coronavirus vaccine for emergency use for its frontline health-care workers, who have to work in close contact with the Covid-19 patients. Within the past few weeks, a number of ministers have also taken the Covid-19 vaccine. UAE has ensured that the Covid-19 vaccines are properly aligned with the laws and regulations of the country so that the review of the Covid-19 vaccines licensing procedure can be made faster.

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