Golden Temple’s Historic Wall about to disappear

 Golden Temple’s Historic Wall about to disappear

One of the focal point of Sikh faith- the wall around Amritsar’s famous Golden Temple is on the verge of Extinction. The state government has been trying to restore the 200 year old historical wall for providing it the heritage look, but their efforts haven’t been able to yield good results.

With the time, the historical wall around the Golden Temple got damaged, and only few parts of the wall are presently intact. Neglect and Encroachment are being considered to be Main reasons behind the current state of the wall surrounding Golden Temple. Conservation Spatial Planner, Prof. Dr. Balvinder Singh told the Tribune- “No doubt, the wall is in complete neglect, it is encroached, broken from many places and even structures have been erected on it.”

Singh proposed that a Heritage Advisory Committee on the lines of the Shimla Heritage Advisory Committee must be formed to restore the heritage character of the historic wall. He also higlighted the importance of the sanctioning of ‘Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings Act, Punjab’ in order to conserve the character of all the historic cities located in the state.

The construction of this historical wall commenced under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1821 and was finished during the British rule.

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