Green Corridor for Istiak Rasool Mazumder airlifted to Kolkata : Expired

 Green Corridor for Istiak Rasool Mazumder airlifted to Kolkata : Expired

COVID-19 is spreading it’s clasps once again in the valley as the second wave of corona virus has started taking toll on the dwellers of this dale. Sources of ‘The Reader’s Time’ has confirmed that Istiak Rasool Mazumder who happens to be the son of Dr. Abed Rasul Mazumder,retired Joint Director Health, Hailakandi is no more.

Istiak was tested positive for COVID-19 last week and for further treatment he was admitted to Green Heals Hospital, Silchar. Patient’s health condition gradually started detoriating and there his family members decided to shift him to Kolkata for better treatment. 

At first, the family consulted doctors from  Apollo Hospital and they asserted that his condition is not fit to fly. Later, after a round of discussion with the doctors of AMRI Hospital, Istiak’s family decided to airlift him. 

Cachar Administration played a significant role in arranging Green Corridor for the Ambulance to take it’s way to airport lucidly. Then he was airlifted by an air-ambulance from Silchar Airport.

Dr. Munim Rasool Mazumder, uncle of Istiak Rasool Mazumder uttered with deep agony in his voice “After reaching Kolkata, they called us and informed that Istiak is no more. This is a sad news for the family and we need some time to mourn in peace.”

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