Gautam Gambhir launches Jan Rasoi; Meals @Re 1

December 24, 2020:. Former Cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir has announced the launch of public canteen program, “Jan Rasoi” which will provide lunch to the poor and needy at just Re 1. The first of it’s kind will be inaugurated by Gambhir himself on Thursday, December 25, situated in Gandhi Nagar which is in his parliamentary constituency in East Delhi. Another such canteen will be made available from Republic Day 2021 in Ashok Nagar, as reported by his office.

        “I have always felt that everybody has the right to healthy and hygienic food irrespective of caste, creed, religion or financial condition. It is saddening to see the homeless and destitute not being able to get even two square meals a day,” Gambhir said. “Some states run canteens which provide subsidised food to the needy but the national capital has no such facility where low priced good food is made available to people. During the lockdown too, we witnessed thousands of migrant labourers being forced to leave the city due to lack of food and other basic resources” he futher added. 

               He had planned to open one Jan Rasoi in all 10 assembly constituency in East Delhi. The meal will comprise of Rice, Dal and Vegetables. The canteens will have the capacity to serve 100 peaple at one seating but due to the current pandemic situation, only 50 people will be allowed to dine together.

           The project is solely funded by Gautam Gambhir foundation and from his personal resources without any government support, according to official statement. It has always been the BJP MP’s dream, as he admitted many times, to make hygienic and nutritious food and clean water available at every part of Delhi. 

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