Snowfall witnessed in  Dima Hasao this New Year

  Snowfall witnessed in  Dima Hasao this New Year

Kipeilo village, in the hill district Dima Hasao of Assam has seen the season’s first snowfall, making the New Year even more cheerful. 75 km from Haflong, this village and its people were blessed with snowfall that turned the green hills of this district completely whitewashed.

Under the Mahur police station, the Zemi Naga dominated village falls under the Laisong council constituency. The tourism department of the NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) of Assam can promote and highlight the snowfall in Kipeilo as a prominent destination for tourism in the state. 

This village has been witnessing snowfall since last one week, according to the villagers. Even though snow in this district is no stranger to the villagers, they are excited nevertheless. The ponds water has completely frozen, due to the snowfall. The people of Kipeilo, are excited to observe snowfall in their village which is located near the Barail range of hills. They are hoping the news will attract tourist that is yet to get highlighted. It is expected that Kipeoli may get a tourist hotspot. 

Snowfall in the Thuruk village, which is situated in the south-west part of Dima Hasao has also been reported, according to sources. 112km away from Haflong, it the district head quarter of Dima Hasao and is mainly dominated by Biate commubity.

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