“No endeavor is in vain, reward is in the doing”

Date: 11-01-2021

‘Silchar’ – the name caters the emotional attachment of a plethora of individuals residing in and out of Barak Valley. With the cemented emotions towards the name ‘Silchar’ there lies a cluster of educated fools who cater the mindset of living with joy but in exchange of spoiling the face of its own place named to be  ‘Silchar’. It seems to be a signature style to move across the city with friends and family to live a better life style but is it justified to litter across the place which gives you the air to breathe, the place to live, the roads to travel the people to talk?  

According to Article 51(G), 

“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures.”

Over the years we have seen the growth of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), activities in Silchar and their dedication towards the development process of the society. 

Founded on August 2020 ‘Ek Prayaas’ a team of future responsible citizens of our nation focused in the welfare of the society. Focusing to dilute the major issues of Silchar for public goodwill by conducting charity events it includes food, study essential, old cloth, blanket, and utensil distribution for the needful.

On 10TH January 2021, the team took the initiative of cleaning an area near the Khaspur, a centre of attraction for picnic and fun. During these days Khaspur witnesses a mass disposal of unwanted packets and wrappers further leading to environmental hazards and disturbance in the balance or equilibrium of nature. 

Miss Sneha Deb, the founder of the organization along with the volunteers guided the people around to dump the garbage in a particular area. Few days back they took the responsibility of distributing some reflector collar belts to stray dogs in the city.

This will help in keeping the dogs safe from accidents. They also stood beside the victim families by donating blankets that had property loss in the major fire breakout in Link Road. The homeless and underprivileged living in streets were provided with warm clothes in this freezing winter nights.

The entire team of Ek Prayaas which comprises of mostly young aspirants believes that it is the duty of every citizen to serve the people for a better cause in the Valley. They are wrapped with the motivation to work together voluntarily for the purpose of promoting social values and civic goals. 

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