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Another Bike Accident near NIT Silchar, Victims Severely Injured | The Readers Time |

The Readers Time

Thrusday, January 14, 2021

Silchar: Two speeding motorcycles collided near NIT silchar on Thrusday evening leaving the victims, 4 individuals, severely injured.

Bike accident near NIT Silchar

On one side, a young man in his twenties was bleeding heavily from his head and was barely concious, reported our The Readers Time correspondent, while on the other side, a family of three, husband, wife and their child too were similarly injured. 

Bike Accident Near NIT SILCHAR

The pedestrians called for 108 (ambulance) immediately and the victims were taken to a nearby hospital. No further information could be acquired. 

The increasing trend of such accidents is a grave concern for the residents of Silchar and the neighbouring areas. While some some of these accidents can be credited to the infamous infrastructure of this region’s roadways, a larger amount of them are because of careless driving and negligence of traffic rules.

Although the centre is constantly reviewing and amending the laws in order to improve travel conditions and avoid such mishaps, the fault is definitely from the public’s side.

‘Aware and Responsible’, these two words should be kept in mind by every driver, their rash road behaviour are not only putting their own life in danger but that of their loved ones and many others around them. 

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