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Gang of 20 loots Former GP President’s House in Udharbond |’The Readers Time’

At around 1:00 am this morning, 20 armed men allegedly entered the house of Anamul Haque Laskar in Udharbond’s Pangram area and took everything at gunpoint. Anamul was the GP President for the past 10 years and was locally known as ‘Anam-Panchayat’. 

Laskar is also an eminent PWD-Contractor, aside from a politician. “Initially they identified themselves as police officials. They questioned if I have arms kept in my house. However, soon they got to the point. One of them, speaking Sylheti as local do, asked me to hand over the cash I had withdrawn from the bank. I replied to them saying that I have already spent that money by paying wages to laborers working in three different construction sites,” said Laskar. 

The dacoits turned Anamul’s house upside down and even assaulted him and his family members. “They fired bullets on the floor to scare me. This is when I told them that I have some cash kept in the locker and they can take it. But they did not end there, the group of armed dacoits went to the other units of my house and took more cash from there. They also looted the gold that my wife and sister owned,” Laskar informed The Readers Time

The dacoits took approximately Rs.15 lakh cash and 25 vori gold valued at Rs.13 lakh, according to Laskar’s estimation. They also took seven mobile phones belonging to the family members. 

Jagadish Das, an additional SP of Cachar, said the matter will be investigated thoroughly and the dacoits will be identified. 

“That money was given to me by the Mosque to keep. They had locked the box and said they will take it back from me when they will start the construction work. I begged them to leave that box but they did not. That is how ruthless they were”, expressed Laskar.

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