Silchar Boy Selected Among Top 19 for the Change-Makers Network | The Readers Time

 Silchar Boy Selected Among Top 19 for the Change-Makers Network | The Readers Time

The founder of Eco Alarmist, Subhadeep Purkayastha, was selected to join the prestigious global network of ‘Ashoka Young Change-makers’ for his team’s effort to address ecological sustainability in Silchar, Assam. Subhadeep Purkayastha, a resident of Silchar, is among the top 19 Indians chosen this year to join the ‘Ashoka Young Change-markers’ global market between the ages of 13 and 20  who formed a peer-led team, and created solutions for the good of their community.

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Ashoka Young Changemakers is a carefully vetted network of young individuals who are trying to take on their position as youth influencers, peer supporters, and co-leaders of the global ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ movement, and have realised their true calling to create change that is for the wellbeing of everyone.

Through rigorous five rounds of screening from collection to over 1800 applications submitted from all over India and other countries, these young leaders were selected. Subhadeep will play a pivotal role in cultivating a culture of empathy and entrepreneurship in Silchar and at a national level through the ‘Ashoka Young Change-markers’ network.

“I’m excited to be part of the world’s largest network of change-makers and social entrepreneurs. It’s a great opportunity for me to advance our work at Eco Alarmist and also learn from other young change-makers,” Subhadeep expression regarding his selection. 

Eco Alarmist is a young leaders group that helps small businesses and start-ups integrate ecological sustainability into their activities to combat sustainable growth. In addition, they do climate crisis workshops with school children, sustainable donation runs, plantation drives, etc. Eco Alarmist also has collaborated with other local organisations to extend their work and to create more effects, such as Wild & Free, Friday for Future Barak, One Earth Society, etc.

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