Month: May 2021


Facebook to take stronger actions against spread of misinformation|The Readers

Facebook has announced that it will be taking ‘stronger’ action against users who repeatedly share content on its platform which are false according to fact-checkers. Currently, users get notified when they share content which has been rated by a fact-checker. According to Facebook, now these notifications will be redesigned and simplified for better understanding. “We […]Read More


Covid -19 Containment measures Extended till 30th June|The Readers Time

Government on Thursday extended the COVID-19 containment measures till 30th of June. An order passed by the government read “In spite of the declining trend, the number of active cases presently is still very high. It is, therefore, important that containment measures may continue to be implemented strictly”. “Any relaxation by states/UTs may be considered […]Read More

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