Northeast News | Assam Woman eloped 25 times with different men, her husband says willing to “accept her”

A woman from Nagaon District in Assam has allegedly run away from her home several times in the last ten years. Women with multiple husbands since the past two decades has eloped again.

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As per the India Today report, the father-in-law of the woman said, she has eloped with different men 20-25 times since she got married. She has since returned to her home and her husband has said he is willing to ‘accept her’.

Recently, the polygamy woman with multiple husbands has allegedly eloped with a man from her locality. This is the 25th time that she ran away.

The woman and her husband, resident Dhing Lahkar Village in Central Assam, have three children. Their youngest child is three months old.

Women having more than one husband, every time she run away from her home in the past later she returned within a few days.

Her husband, a driver by profession, narrated,” On September 4, when I returned to my home from a motor garage, I didn’t find my wife. She had run away after giving my 3-month-old baby to a nearby house. She told the neighbors that she was going to search for some food for the goats. She ran away and took 22,000 and other ornaments from my house.

Her father-in-law said, “We don’t know with whom she eloped this time”

However, the local of Dhing Lahkar Village alleged that the woman has developed illicit affairs with many persons in her locality since she got married.

Author: Papri Nath

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