Thousands Of Afghans At Pak Border shows satellite images

Thousands Of Afghans At Pak Border shows satellite images

Afghan nationals trying to migrate from their country from Kabul International airport have dominated the news, but no significant development has been reported about the ground situation at Pakistan and Afghanistan border, Iranand Afghan border, Uzbekistan Afghanistan border, and Tajikistan Afgnistan. Satellite images shows that just last week near Pakistan border of Afghanistan thousands of Afghan nationals looking to escape Afghanistan desperately.

The Satellite images were taken by focusing on the ground situation at the Chaman border in Spin Boldak between Afghanistan and Pakistan and the images indicate who people are desperate to leave the Country.

The Chaman border at Spin Boldak is considered as one of the busiest border crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Traffic from Afghanistan has increased in the past few weeks as the people with their Family, Children, have abandoned their homes in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan, and now they are desperately waiting to cross the border to flee from Afghanistan. The images were recorded on September 6, according to the images, huge number of peoples not less than thousands has been seen not less than a week ago at this site, on the Afghanistan side. Pakistan closed down the Chaman border post recently.

The images match ground reports which says that thousands of Afghan nationals are looking to escape Afghanistan and what they fear is the return of oppressive Taliban rule. Afghans have been leaving the country by the droves since the Taliban’s takeover last month. Though the Taliban has claimed that there will be more moderate policies this time, compared to their brutal regime 20 years ago, their claims on protecting Afghan women’s rights have proved to be vastly different from ground realities as Taliban ban co-education in Afghanistan.

Author: Nileswar Roy

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