Assam News | Cow sale ban hits farmers hard in the state of Assam

The Assam cattle Preservation Act 2021, has prohibited the sale of cows in the State. But in the weekly markets in lower Assam “undercover’ sale of cows continues.

Cow sale ban in assam hits farmers hard

Recently, the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma has tabled a new bill on the first day of the Budget Session of Assam Legislative Assembly with an aim to protect and preserve cattle. Assam passes the Assam Cow Protection, Bill 2021.

On Sunday, An uneasy calm prevailed at the Chhaygon  (Assam) cow market, the traders and the management feared a police crackdown any moment. It was not just Muslims but also Hindus, Tribals, and ethnic communities that depend on over the 100-year-old market for cattle trade as it is directly linked to agricultural activities.

Mukut Ali, the secretary of the market said, “They buy cows for meat, milk, and ploughing. People from villages and towns within a radius of 20km come here. This market has helped all communities in one way or the other.”

Because of the Supreme Court Judgement on Cow slaughter, In the normal times, once the sale paddy sowing season is over, the farmers sell their cattle. But due to the fear of getting caught, most of the farmers are ready to bear the burden of feeding them at home, beef ban in Indian States.

Farmer Dilip Rabha of Kulsi tribal said, “Usually bullocks are sold off soon after the ploughing season. Till the next Year’s rainy season we cannot feed them without any returns.”

However, many villagers have decided to stay away from the market on Sunday. The farmers have seen on the TV how the cattle smugglers are being shot by the police. “The cattle or the vehicle carrying them may be seized by the police before they reach the market”, he said.

Beef banned states in India, according to the Times of India, the villagers are also confused if the sale of cows up to 14 years of age, as stated in the act has been legally banned. Goroimari, Sampupara, and Sontoli markets, where the Muslims are in an overwhelming majority the trade is on unabated.

Author: Papri Nath

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