India and Pakistan conflict over Kashmir at UN Human Rights Council | UN decides on Kashmir issue

 India and Pakistan conflict over Kashmir at UN Human Rights Council | UN decides on Kashmir issue

First secretary of India’s permanent mission in Geneva, Pawan Badhe, stated that Pakistan has developed habit of misusing platforms, that are provided by the council to propagate its false and malicious agendas against India.

On Wednesday India slammed at Pakistan as well as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for bringing out the Kashmir issue at the UN Human Rights Commission and also said that the grouping has “helplessly” allowed itself to be held “hostage” by Islamabad.

The incident happened at the 48th session of the human rights council, where decision was taken by UN on Kashmir 370. India stated that Pakistan has been globally recognized as a country, who openly supports, train, finance and arm terrorists. It also includes UN proscribed terrorists as a matter of state policy.

As a respond to comments that were made by Pakistan and the OIS on Kashmir issue and role of United Nations, Badhe said, it requires no lessons to be taken from a “failed state” such as Pakistan, which is the “epicentre of terrorism and worst abuser of human rights”.

He also said, “The council is aware of Pakistan’s attempts to divert the council’s attention from serious human rights violations being perpetrated by its government, including in the territories occupied by it. India, as not only the world’s largest democracy but a robustly functional and vibrant one, does not need lessons from a failed state like Pakistan which is the epicentre of terrorism and worst abuser of human rights.”

Badhe also slammed the OIC by saying, “We once again regret and reject the reference made by the OIC to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir which is an integral part of India. The OIC has helplessly allowed itself to be held hostage by Pakistan, which holds the chairmanship of their Geneva Chapter, to sub serve its own agenda. It’s for the members of the OIC to decide if it is in their interest to allow Pakistan to do so.”

It is expected that further The UN is going to take decisions depending on the present stance of Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

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