Gynecologist Dr. Gajendra Chandra Nath in Guwahati has allegedly kept his wife unconscious for three month

Gauhati, Assam: Gynaecologist Dr. Gajendra Chandra Nath has been accused of keeping his wife in an unconscious condition for three months. The discovery was made in Bhupendranagar in Narengi, Assam.

As per the reports, the man identified as Dr. Gajendra Chandra Nath used to inject sleeping medicines to keep his wife sedated for the entire period. The accused doctor is posted in Ranathali Primary Health Centre of Nagaon district as a senior medical officer of gynecology.

Back in 2018 the duo got married in Nagaon. As per reports, shortly after the marriage, the wife started to notice some things. She is reported to have discovered that Dr. Gajendra Chandra Nath had already been married two times prior, a fact that she had no knowledge of prior to their marriage.

The wife was kept in the dark and was not informed anything about the past marriages previously. It was later discovered that her in-laws also had no idea about their son’s two marriages. When she threatened Dr. Gajendra Chandra Nath to inform her in-laws about the matter, the doctor started to give his wife injections that kept her sedated. This went on for about 3 months.

We married in May 2018 and everything was okay. But I came to know that he has been married twice. He got divorced with his first wife and a court case is going on with the second one. Three months ago, when I found related images in the laptop, I told him that I will inform my in-laws. Then he started giving me sleeping injections. This continued for over a year and he also did illegal abortions at home as he is a gynecologist.

Dr. Nath’s wife had did to day in a recent interview

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