Lockdown effect: Crime against the women in Karnataka

A nationwide lockdown had been implemented for more than two months and significant travel restrictions were in place ever since. A recent study suggests that since then the overall crimes against women in 2020 dip by 8% both in  Karnataka and also nationally, and even as some of the states reported a spike.

 The latest crime data has been released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The crime against women fell in Karnataka according to the report. The data shows that around 3.7 lakh cases were recorded last year as compared to more than 4 lakh cases in 2019. Similarly, the cases in Karnataka stood at 12,680 in 2020 compared to 13,828 in the year before that.

Breakdown of causality shows that crimes against women by husband or his relatives were responsible for 30% of the cases which were booked under cruelty by husband or his family. A further 23% was cited as assault on women with intent to outrage on her modesty. Kidnapping and abduction of women and rape were 168% and 7.5% of the cases during that time.

 The data shows that as many as 226 women were the victims of rape and murder across India, and Uttar Pradesh topped the table of new cases registered and was followed by Madhya Pradesh with 27 new cases., Assam 26 cases, Maharashtra 20 cases, Odisha 18 cases, and Karnataka only 7 cases.

Similarly, 7,045 women victims have died in dowry harassment related cases-2,302 in UP alone – with Bihar having registered 1,047 cases, Madhya Pradesh 627, Rajasthan 480, and Karnataka 178 being among the top states. As many as 104 women were kidnapped and murdered nationally, with UP again registering the most cases (58), followed by Bihar and Jharkhand (11 each). Karnataka has recorded zero cases of Kidnapping and murder of Women.

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