Afghanistan news: ‘Afghan President Ghani’s Facebook hacked’

 Afghanistan news: ‘Afghan President Ghani’s Facebook hacked’

Afghan President Ghani Facebook Hacked: On Monday (27 September), Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said that his Facebook account was hacked after a call for Taliban’s recognition was reportedly made from his page. 

The former Afghan President, who fled Kabul on August 15, wrote on Twitter that his Facebook page has been hacked since yesterday and any content published afterward is invalid until it is retrieved.

 “The official Facebook page of Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has been hacked. Until it is retrieved, the content published from yesterday onwards on the Facebook page is no longer valid,” Ghani tweeted in Pashto.

Former Afghan president Ghani fled to the United Arab Emirates after the Taliban seized Kabul last month. while the Islamist fundamentalists are not seeking Ghani’s extradition, the group has accused the former president of taking four cars and a chopper full of cash along with him, demanding that he returns it back to the Taliban Government. Ghani denied the allegations.

Ghani said in a statement that was released on 8 September that he and his wife have been scrupulous in their personal finances and have declared all the assets. He further said that his wife’s family inheritance has also been disclosed and remains listed in her home country of Lebanon.

“I welcome an official audit or financial investigation under UN auspices or any other appropriate independent body to prove the veracity of my statements here. My close aides are ready to submit their finances to public audit, and I would encourage and urge other former senior officials and political figures to do the same,” the statement read.

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