Chinese PLA damaged bridge in Uttarakhand Barahoti

Chinese PLA damaged bridge in Uttarakhand Barahoti – Chinese Army 5 km Inside Indian Territory

Last month, more than 100 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army crossed the border of the Indian side, entered Barahoti in Uttarakhand, and the Chinese PLA damaged bridge in Uttarakhand Barahoti along with some other infrastructure, before retreating, as per the statement of an official aware of the situation. It is quite alarming that the India-China conflict in Uttarakhand Barahoti took place when the disengagement of the troops of both the nation is in progress in Eastern Ladakh, the incident of Barahoti can be an indication of a next standoff after Ladakh.

As per the reports, the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) entered through the Tunjun-La pass, in the Indian Territory on 55 horses and entered at least 5 kilometers inside the Indian Territory at Barahoti. According to the report of ET, based on sources in the security departments, claimed that the PLA soldiers roamed in Barahoti for around 3 hours.

Krishan Varma, a member of the Advisory Board to the Global Counter-Terrorism Council, while speaking Chinese PLA in Uttarakhand Barahoti conflict said that “China has built around 680 Xiaokang, which they call as ‘well off’ villages on our borders with them, and Bhutan borders. These villages are inhabited by their people who come and live in and impress the local Indian population with how well off they are with the Chinese government. These are intelligence operations, security operations from their side. They try to ‘turn people anti-India’. So we are training our police personnel, regarding these attempts and sensitize them on how to counter their moves.”

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