Barak valley news: Hotel worker found hanging in Silchar Orbit hotel

A Shocking incident took place in Silchar (Assam) where a hotel worker found hanging in Orbit Hotel. The incident happened in the Ukilpatty area of Silchar, where Orbit Hotel is situated. According to the hotel manager, the name of the victim is Paritosh Das, age 50.

Paritosh Das committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of the 5th floor of the hotel. According to the hotel staff, the victim is an in-house staff of the hotel who had been working there for quite some time.

The Manager of the Orbit Hotel Rajat Basu said that on the 26th, “he came to us saying that he was not feeling well, so the hotel management had advised him to take a leave for 4 days to go visit his family and get some medical check-up before rejoining us. But he refused by saying that he would rather stay the night of September 26, and then the following day. So accordingly, he stayed at night, had a meal here just like any other day. Since 5 am of the following day, he wasn’t seen by anybody so everybody assumed that he had left by then.”

But this afternoon, when the cleaning staff went to the rear end of the 5th floor for their routine check-up, they got a foul smell which triggered their suspicion. “That part of the hotel is least visited as it is the rear end. It’s usually used as a storeroom space. That is where the hanging body of Paritosh was found in an already decomposing state. We then immediately called the police”, said the manager. Later, the body was sent to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital for post-mortem.

Paritosh Das hails from the Bhanga area of the Karimganj District. In Silchar, he used to live in a rented house on Ashram Road.

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