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Violence In A Fake Fashion Show Of Guwahati

fake fashion show in Guwahati

Violent Situation in Machkhowa over fake fashion show in Guwahati. The violent incident had reportedly taken place in the middle of a fashion show at the Pragjyotish Auditorium.

A fake company called Star India Capital was the organizer of the fashion show, later it was reviled that the company was a fake one. Shah Rukh Ali Khan was the director of the Company and the same person is also the host of the fashion show.

The contestants of the fashion show have reported the whole matter of Guwahati Fashion show fraud to the police, however, the contestants were instead beaten up by the police.

A 28-year-old model while speaking in a fraud fashion show said, “I have been modeling in Assam for 3-4 years. However, I have been forced to relocate to my hometown as we cannot afford to pay our rent. We have been hit especially hard as our profession involves gatherings. This is especially unfortunate as the Assam fashion industry is only now beginning to take wings. The digital medium can be used for promotions, but the earnings have dried up; it cannot help us economically.”

The fashion industry has seen a downfall due to the lockdown for COVID 19 and the industry is now struggling. Such fake fashion shows are only targeting those who have already been hit hard by the pandemic.

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