Journalist Killed In a Shootout in Afghanistan

 Journalist Killed In a Shootout in Afghanistan

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, violence against journalists has been on the increase in the Country. Reports on Sunday claimed that three including a journalist killed in eastern Afghanistan in a shootout in Nangarhar province. According to an anonymous source of news agency Xinhua, the name of the journalist killed in a shootout in Afghanistan is Sayyed Marof Saadat.

Sayyed Marof Saadat was traveling with his family in a car on the road of Jalalabad city on Saturday, when gunmen, who were in a rickshaw, pulled the trigger of their guns pointing the barrel of guns towards journalist and people with him. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the killing of the journalist and two others, Taliban are investigating the case, the source said to Xinhua.

The incident occurred after a series of bomb blasts that targeted Taliban vehicles in the Nangarhar province, the blasts killed three people and 20 were injured in the incident. Seeing the increasing violence on the journalist’s press freedom organizations expressed their concerns on the issue.

Last month, on September 7th during the anti-Pakistan protests the Taliban had detained some journalists for a short time in the capital city of Kabul. Some media reports reported that the equipment of the journalists was also confiscated by the Taliban. And on the immediate next day on September 8th two journalists Etilaat Roz (Information Daily), Nematullah Naqdi, and Taqi Daryabi were picked by the Taliban while covering women’s protests in Kabul.

The journalists later said that the allegation of organizing the protest was put them and they were tortured and beaten with batons, whops, and electrical cables. “One of the Taliban put his foot on my head, crushed my face against the concrete. They kicked me in the head… I thought they were going to kill me,” Nematullah Naqdi told the AFP.

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