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North Korea threatens top UN body after an emergency meeting

North Korea threatens top UN body after an emergency meeting

In a statement released on Sunday, North Korea threatens the top UN body after the emergency meeting which criticized the North Korean missile program. The statements also include unspecified threats against the international body. The statement came after the closed-door meeting of the top UN body on Friday.

In the Friday meet, France circulated a proposed statement, which expresses concern over North Korea’s missile launches and calls on the member of the security council to fully execute the resolution of Council so that it can stop the ballistic missile firings of North Korea.

On Sunday, Jo Chol Su, a senior official on the Foreign ministry of North Korea while presenting the statement, also accused United Nations of maintaining the double standard, because it doesn’t take action against similar weapons tests by the United States and its friendly nations.

After a six-month break, North Korea reopened its missile tests in September and launched a newly developed missile which is a nuclear-capable weapon and can place South Korea and Japan, both important allies of the USA, within its striking range. Under multiple UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea is banned from engaging in any ballistic missile activities as the country aims to mount nuclear weapons on its ballistic missiles. North Korea has argued its nuclear program is meant to cope with US military threats, though Washington has said it has no hostile intent toward Pyongyang.

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