Students injured after hanging bridge collapses in Karimganj

 Students injured after hanging bridge collapses in Karimganj

On Monday, 30 school students, who were returning from the school through a hanging bridge were injured after the bridge over the river Singla collapsed.

This incident took place in the Cheragi area under the Ratabari assembly constituency in the Karimganj district.

According to the reports, the hanging bridge on the Singla river is the only bridge that connects the Cheragi area with the village. Students have been using the bridge for the past several years to reach other areas and schools.

When the students of Cheragi Vidyapth High School tried to cross the Singla river, the hanging village suddenly collapsed and many students fell into the river.

The locals rushed to the spot and rescued the students from the village.

At least 30 students were injured in the incident and they were admitted to a nearby hospital.

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