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Assamese compulsory in Barak valley | Paramananda Rajbongshi’s remarks were strongly condemned by the Matribhasha Suraksha Samiti

Assamese compulsory in Barak valley news Paramananda Rajbongshi’s remarks were strongly condemned by the Matribhasha Suraksha Samiti

Matribhasha Suraksha Samiti’s General Secretary Gautam Choudhury highly condemned the remarks of Sipajhar MLA Paramananda Rajbongshi on compulsory learning of the Assamese language by Bengalis. He said such provocative remarks by Rajbongshi would create animosity between Barak and Brahmaputra valleys. He said that due to the violence of the nationalists, aggression had been shown in the Bengali language. 14 people had to be martyred to protect their mother tongue. 

Conscious citizens have thwarted the conspiracies of the miscreants. If leaders like Paramananda Rajbongshi do not know the history of the mass movement of 1971, 1972, 1987, then it is necessary to know it, he said on behalf of the association. For showing such impertinence in the name of language policy and language law of the state, the Matribhasha Suraksha Samiti has demanded legal action against MLA Rajbongshi.

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On behalf of the association, the General Secretary said that many students are studying Assamese as an optional language in high schools in Barak Valley. No one is objecting to this. They are passing the Secondary examination with Assamese as well. Students voluntarily choose Arabic, Sanskrit, Boro, Hindi, Assamese as optional languages. There is no problem in this. But it is very unfortunate to force the language.

He remarked that the entire Assamese people need to be aware of the divisive leaders like the Rajbongshi. Gautam Choudhury also said that those who are unable to recognize the language and culture of others are a big obstacle in the development of their own language and culture. Therefore, on behalf of the association, everyone is requested to be aware of their motives and to stop all misconduct if necessary. The association has urged to be ready for the movement.

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