Construction workers protest in Silchar over various demands

 Construction workers protest in Silchar over various demands

Demand day was observed in Silchar on Friday at the initiative of the Assam Construction Workers Union. Situ Demonstrations were held in the presence of hundreds of construction workers at the local labor office in Silchar to highlight the various demands of the workers and farmers.

These include – maintain the construction workers welfare law, spend the money of the construction workers welfare fund for the construction workers among others. The protestors also demanded that the registration of bogus construction workers be stopped. A memorandum was also presented on behalf of the organization.

On behalf of the organization, Supriyo Bhattacharjee said that the government has taken various steps to deprive construction workers of their rights in the name of amending the labor law. He alleged that others, outside the construction workers, were being registered illegally. Surjit Ghosh, Dilwar Hossain, Azir Uddin were present among others.

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