Silchar News Today | Himanta speeds up work on a bridge over Barak in Annapurna Ghat (Dudhpatil)

 Silchar News Today | Himanta speeds up work on a bridge over Barak in Annapurna Ghat (Dudhpatil)

One of the major issues for the people of Borkhola constituency has been the absence of a direct river bridge over Barak to Silchar. Former MLA for the constituency, Kishor Nath was among the primary voices to take up this issue. Local residents and relevant groups thank the CM, Himanta Biswa Sarma for the initiation of the bridge construction.

The approval for the bridge had some come sometime early. It was during the tenure of Himanta Biswas Sarma as the PWD minister for the state. However, no work had started as yet. The residents, speaking to a group of reporters, extended their appreciation for the CM at finally having started the project.

Further, in the press meet held on Saturday, groups like Kishor Nath Fans Club, Kishor Nath Cricket Tournament Committee, and Sandhan NGO we also present. They, along with the residents, showed great support to the idea of the bridge being named Kishor Setu.

As per the comments made by those present during the meet, Borkhola had limited development in terms of connectivity. However, Kishor Nath, the former MLA from the constituency had worked really hard to bring development to the region. This bridge was also a dream project for the former MLA.

Also, to be noted that the BJP had not provided Kishor Nath with a ticket this past election. There were some misgivings in the populace present about that. However, according to the residents present, naming the bridge after the local hero would be a worth recompense. The residents also promised to send 5000 placards to the CM as a show of respect and gratitude. The only hope that they hold now, is the speedy completion of the bridge. This bridge can help the daily commuters from the region. Further, it can also help bring new business opportunities for the people of the area.

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