Shopkeepers fed up of harassment over Durga Puja donation in Karimganj

Barak Valley News | Shopkeepers fed up of harassment over Durga Puja donation in Karimganj: FIR lodged in Karimganj

The incident involves a teacher and a party worker trying to pressure a shopkeeper into paying a certain amount of money for the Durga Puja. The teacher and the party worker were representing the Panchpradip Club in Karimganj.

This happened in the Santar Bazar area of the Karimganj town. The incident started when the mentioned parties went to the shop to demand money for the Puja. Upon refusal to pay that amount from the shopkeeper, the matter apparently turned heated. This also incited the participation of other traders and businessmen in the area.

The matter was limited to heated discussions and no untoward physical confrontation took place. As reported in the Eastern Chronicle, the shopkeepers said that the markets have been down for the past two years. This is why they could not afford to pay a high amount of chanda this year. The aggrieved shopkeepers then decided to file a police complaint against the perpetrators. The FIR was filed against the Panchpradip Club at the Karimganj Sadar Police Station. The filing of the FIR was also confirmed by the Station’s OC, Bijit Dadra.

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