Consumer Protection Association alleging sale of adulterated food items

 Consumer Protection Association alleging sale of adulterated food items

Biplop Kumar Goswami, central general secretary of the association, has expressed deep concern over the news that many people have fallen ill after eating adulterated food. He went on to mention, that there is a tendency to mix adulterated ingredients in food everywhere. The Consumer Protection Association has complained about this. From oil to spice, sugar, flour, milk, biscuits, chanachur, bhujia, pulses, flour, and other packaged goods, adulteration is rampant. Not only that, but it also distributes plastic rice at fair price stores

In a press statement on Saturday, he said there is a safety department to check and prevent adulteration in food. But there is no activity of this department in preventing adulteration. Silchar, Sonai, Bhanga, Dholai, Lakhipur, Jirighat, Bashkandi, Bihara, Kalain, Gumra, Salchapra, and Srikona area’s weekly markets are selling some adulterated ingredients including cooking powder spices which will harm the human body if it comes in contact for a long time.

But Biplob complained that although the Food Safety Department’s attention was drawn to this, there was no response. He appealed to the district administration to maintain routine checking in the factories manufacturing adulterated products and regularly check the quality of food items in the interest of the citizens.

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