Narcotic tablets Seized From Silchar Chengkuri Road by Cachar police

Narcotic tablets Seized From Silchar Chengkuri Road by Cachar police | 2 people were arrested with 30,000 narcotic tablets

Police operations against drug trafficking are continuing across the state. Large quantities of drugs are being seized in different places every day in the raids of Assam police. But even then the trafficking does not seem to be stopping. This time large quantities of narcotic tablets have been confiscated from the Silchar area. Cachar Police seized 30,000 tablets from Chengkuri Road in Silchar on Sunday and also arrested two traffickers and confiscated two scooters too.

According to the sources, the police conducted a raid in the Chengkuri Road area of the city on the basis of secret information. The tablets were recovered from two scooter riders after the police searched them. Two young men named Pranab Paul and Sukhendu Choudhury were carrying the tablets in a scooter for smuggling. Police conducted a search and confiscated the drug tablets from the deck of the two scooters. A total of 30,000 drug tablets were recovered from the two scooters. After that, the two scooter riders were arrested for drug trafficking. The scooters were also detained.

The arrested Pranab Pal is a resident of Tripura and Sukhendu Choudhury of  Silchar Link road, police said. The tablets were brought for smuggling. Police believe that the market value of the confiscated tablets will be Rs 20 lakh. The detainees are being kept at Silchar Sadar Police Station for questioning. Police are trying to find out under whom Pranab and Sukhendu were carrying out this smuggling operation.

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