Different populations of Barak want to get along with the Assamese

Different populations of Barak want to get along with the Assamese: AASU

AASU’s Cachar committee strongly protested the deletion of Assamese language in the hoardings of Jal Jeevan Mission in Silchar Railway station. Ainul Haque Chowdhury, president of the Cachar District committee of the organization, and Roshanlal Ghosh, General Secretary of the organization, strongly condemned the incident and said that the attack by the so-called organization was not acceptable under any circumstances. AASU demanded that strict action should be taken against those involved in the act.

Officials of the organization said that the people of the Tea garden community, Dimasa, Kachari Muslim, Manipuri, Koch Rajbongshi, and people of different tribes and sub-tribes in Barak Valley are not Bengali speaking. People of all these communities want to get along with the Assamese people. Therefore, the Bengali language cannot be forced under any circumstances. AASU respects all languages, according to student organization officials, but Barak will not use any language other than Bengali, it is not acceptable under any circumstance.

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