Trinamool leader Sushmita Dev was again attacked in Tripura

Trinamool MP Susmita Dev went to Tripura and was attacked two days ago. Trinamool leaders and activists were attacked again on Sunday.

The miscreants were accused of attacking grassroots activists on their way to a party programme. Police have also been accused of obstructing the programme. The Trinamool has reacted strongly. They allege that the ruling BJP is doing all this. The BJP, however, has denied the allegations.

It is learned that Trinamool Steering Committee member Ashislal Sinha and other leaders and activists of the party were detained by the police in the area adjacent to Baramura Park on their way to Teliamura. They were scheduled to attend two public meetings in the Teliamura Hawaii home area. On the way, they were spotted by the police in the area adjacent to Baramura Ecopark.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Tripura Trinamool leaders Bappa Chakraborty, Prosenjit Chakraborty, and Arnab Sen were allegedly beaten by a group of miscreants. The attackers also vandalized their vehicles. The BJP has been blamed for the incident by Trinamool. The BJP, however, dismissed the allegations. In Tripura, the Trinamool has risen and fallen to make soil under their feet stronger in the land of Biplob Dev. They are taking one programme after another there. The grassroots leaders of Bengal are repeatedly flying from Kolkata to Agartala. Bratya Basu, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar are seen again and again in Agartala. But they are repeatedly facing obstacles.

The leaders and workers of the party are also being attacked. Trinamool MP Susmita Dev was attacked on Friday. Allegedly, her treatment was also interrupted. Besides, a group of miscreants attacked Trinamool activist Dulal Das in the Banikka Chaumahani area of Khairpur in West Tripura. He was allegedly beaten last Tuesday night. In addition, another grassroot activist in Jambura village in Khowai was accused of being attacked by miscreants.

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