Flats in Silchar: Everything you need to know

A flat or an apartment is, simply put, a type of housing. There are various types of houses people live in, such as Apartments or Flats, bungalows, Condominiums, Townhome, Duplex, Studio apartments, Modular buildings, etc. In this article we will discuss in detail about flats in Silchar, we will also discuss the land price in Silchar, price of 3bhk flats in Silchar, how to resale flats in Silchar, and more. So, if you are confused and planning to get your own house, this article is designed just for you.

Let us first try to understand the term flat precisely. A flat is a kind of residential place which occupies the only part of any building, most of the time as a single story. There are various types of apartments as well. Such as:

Studio Apartment:

It is the smallest self-contained apartment. In the US and Canada, it is known as efficiency, bachelor apartment, or studio. Whereas in the UK it is known as a studio flat.

Garden apartment or flat:

A garden apartment or flat is a place to stay which has garden space in it. Such apartments are placed surrounding courtyards which are from one end open. A garden apartment or flatshares some similar characteristics that of a townhouse, such as, every apartment or flat has a separate building entrance, otherwise, the entry is through a lobby and a staircase that connects other units of the building, just below or above it.

Basement Apartment:

These types of flats or apartments are generally those which are on the ground floor, or at the lowest floor of the building.

Salon Apartment or Flat:

The term is linked to the basic apartment that is built as part of multi-family houses in certain towns in Yugoslavia in the first decade of the 20th century. The flat has a unique structure, that includes a centrally located anteroom, along with that it has a  dining room and has areas for a salon that is one or more than just one in number.


It has no strict or ridged for this type of flats. It is different from the usual flat as it has, generally multiple floors and has its own entrance with a staircase.

There are many other types of flats, which include Penthouse, Loft apartment, and many more, which might sound fancy but are all homes. And there is a separate emotion connected with a home for every individual.

Like Dalai Lama said, “Home is where you feel at home, and are treated well.”

Imagining the price of land in Silchar to decide if you want to go for a land of flat? Let me help you with it.

Land prices in Silchar 2021(Rupees per square foot)
Kathal Road436
Link Road4,167
National Highway2,247
Land Prices in Silchar (Approximate values)

1 katha land price in Silchar

Land price varies from one place to another in Silchar. The land price in Silchar is negotiable and is sold by the legally authorized land value only. Land sale in Silchar is not a matter of joke. You have to choose from a variety of options, according to your preferences, plan, and budget. Land price in Silchar differs from area to area, depending on the popularity of the area, the availability of the resources, the facilities, etc. Land price in Silchar keeps on fluctuating with time. There are many plots and lands available in all corners of Silchar. Following are the most popular areas mentioned, where plots and lands are available.

You can also find a readymade RCC building in Silchar. If you are not planning to buy a plot and take the trouble of making a house completely fresh, you can go for this simple yet reliable option. Finding a readymade RCC building in Silchar can be a bit challenging, but is not impossible. You can find few RCC buildings, which are up for sale in the areas of Malugram, Chirukandi, Kanakpur, Saidpur Royghar, etc. Finding a readymade RCC building at the heart of the town is difficult. Apart from getting a plot or readymade RCC building, you can also find a readymade houses for sale in Silchar. They are affordable and are hustle-free, if you don’t have any specific mindset to invest time and energy in building a house newly, go for a readymade house.  Readymade houses for sale in Silchar are available at Rongpur, Malugram, Chirukandi, etc.

Now speaking about flats in Silchar. Flats are trending these days. Why put so much effort, when you can get everything ready-made? Choose a flat according to your preferences, pay the amount and you are good to shift in your own home, just like that. Here are few options for flats available for sale along with the area, where it is located, the capacity, and the price.

First let us find out the availability and price of 2BHK flat in Silchar.

2BHK Independent building floor at Ambikapatty

Price- Rs. 23 Lakhs

At Rs. 2,421/Sq. Ft.

2BHK flat at 2nd Link Road

Price- Rs. 32 Lakhs

At Rs. 3,047/Sq. Ft.

2BHK flat at Tarapur

Price- Rs. 25 Lakhs

At Rs. 2,777/ Sq. Ft.

2BHK flat opposite to Goldighi Mall

Price- Rs. 29 Lakhs

At Rs. 2,947/Sq. Ft.

Now let us find out the availability and price of a 3BHK flat in Silchar.

3BHK flat at West Narshing Road, Ambikapatty

Price- Rs. 55 Lakhs

At Rs. 4,132/Sq. Ft.

3BHK flat near Tarapur Railway Station

Price- Rs. 53 Lakhs

At Rs. 4,884/Sq. Ft.

There are several other options for buys and selling flats in Silchar. One can resale flats in Silchar online and offline as well. You can contact some good and well-known builders in Silchar, such as JBL, Assam Progressive, Chandrali Builders, Pearl Builders, etc.

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