Major places to find readymade house for sale in Silchar

Every person wants to buy their own house at some point in their life. Moreover, in India, becoming the owner of a house is one of the most desired things of every middle-class household. Furthermore, if the house is in a big city, it is like the cherry on top of the cake. However, Silchar City of Assam is also not an exception. People of Silchar or even adjacent to the city want to buy their residence in Silchar. Additionally, the facilities, infrastructure, and opportunities offered by the city attracts the people to become permanent resident of this place. 

Are you one of those who wants to buy a flat or a house? You have clicked the right link. Following are the areas where you can find the readymade house for sale in Silchar.

01. Public school Road Bilpar

This place is in the heart of the town, and one of the major benefits of this place is that it is very near to the S.M Deb Civil Hospital of Silchar. Moreover, the biggest mall in the city is within walking distance from the place. Therefore these benefits give you an obvious reason to book an apartment in this area.

02. Malugram road

This is another good location where you can find readymade house for sale in Silchar. Malugram is a posh area and well connected with the prominent landmarks of the town. Even though the place is in the middle of the town, the hassle of the town will not disturb you. Moreover, the availability of property is consistent in the area. 

03. Kanakpur Silchar

Like Malugram and Public School road, Kanakpur can also be a desired location to have a house in the town. Are you willing to book an apartment in a place where you are well connected with the prominent places in the town but not willing to hear the noise of the town? Kanakpur is the best place for you. Kanakpur gives you 24 x 7 connectivity with every part of the city or even region. If you plan to become an owner of property in Silchar, Kanakpur should make a place on your list.

04. Tarapur

Another important location to buy a house in Silchar. The prime benefit of having a house in Tarapur is that the railway station will be easily accessible. Apart from this, Tarapur provides you with the privilege of having a prominent college, schools, and many important government offices within walking distance.

05. GC College Road

If you have a college-going student in your family, this place is the best to have a house. This area is in the heart of the city, and additionally, you have Guru Charan College, one of the prominent colleges of the district, in your area. Not only college, but this area also provide many more facilities such as the playground. Moreover, you will also find markets, which offers all kind of daily use materials such as grocery. Overall, the place cumulatively offers a very lucrative place where you can build your house.

06. Vivekananda Road: 

This place is maybe the poshest area of Silchar city. There is a huge no. of people who love to own a property on this road. One of the major reasons behind this is, leading educational institutions like Vivekananda Jr College, RamanujGupta Jr College, GC college are situated in the same area. This area will be suitable for those households that have a college-going student in their home.

Let us take a look at the prominent builders of Silchar town

Following are the prominent builders and architect in the Silchar City.

01. Pentagon Builders & Architects

Headquartered in GC college road, this real estate company has been operating for 3-4 years. They gained a good reputation among their customers for delivering their promises, moreover online review of this place says the same thing. This real estate company also offers architectural planning to its customers.

Contacts- 9531018569

Address- Satsang Ashram Road, G C College, Silchar – 788004, Opposite Niranjan Pal Institute.

02. Ad Architect

It is One of the leading businesses in the field of construction and architecture. It is also famous for its interior design service for shops, architects, schools, and many more.

Contacts- 9435173235

Address- House No 54, Link Road Lane No-3, Link Road, Silchar – 788006, Opp. BT College.

03. Joy Thakur Construction

It is one of the major construction companies in the Bilpar area of Silchar. This business is about 2-3 years old, and within a short period, it has gained its customer’s trust. 

Phone- 094350 78584

Email- [email protected]

These were some of the prominent areas and some of the leading builders of Silchar city. However, this content may not cover all the important points; therefore, if you are willing to update the information, please leave a comment below and help us update the content. This is all about readymade house for sale in Silchar.

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