The Side effects of Jeera water and how it impacts you?

Jeera water is also called cumin tea is an Indian beverage made with cumin, a spice. A staple in Indian cuisine when this spice is boiled in water for quite some time and then strained, the resulting concoction is called jeera water. 

This is drunk in many homes for its health benefits. But like everything else, you should do this in moderation. Consumption of too much Jeera water also has many negative side effects on the human body. I am shedding light on some of the negative aspects of this usually healthy drink. So, let us dive in.

  1. It will help if you remain extremely careful about drinking Jeera water during pregnancy. It increases the chance of miscarriage and induces pain during labor. It also hampers breast milk production, especially when consumed in excess. So, if you suspect this is happening to you, immediately stop drinking jeera water.
  2. Jeera water reduces clotting of the blood and encourages abnormal bleeding. Excessive consumption of this drink can result in bleeding disorders. But if you are having digestive issues, especially flatulence, it acts as a powerful antacid when consumed when required.
  3. Jeera water decreases your blood sugar levels to a great extent, triggering hypoglycemia. This feature of cumin seed is so deadly, especially if you have diabetes, that many doctors advise skipping cumin in your meals if you are undergoing surgery because blood sugar levels need to be maintained. This is because cumin seeds increase insulin sensitivity and, when consumed in moderation, keep your blood sugar level in check.
  4. One of the significant side effects of jeera water is heartburn. Though it provides quick relief from flatulence, it also evicts the gas from your stomach, leading to heartburns. However, consuming it in moderation is fine as it is packed with thymoquinone that reduces inflammation in the body.
  5. This one side effect impacts women in general. Consuming too much jeera water leads to heavy bleeding during periods. Otherwise, this drink is an excellent hydrator and provides the required electrolytes to the body, especially if you have exhausted yourself after a workout. When consumed in the correct quantity, it can relieve menstrual cramps.
  6. When jeera water is consumed in high quantities, it also damages the liver and kidneys. This is because of the oil present in cumin seeds which is highly volatile. But if consumed in moderation, it helps the liver detoxify and promotes liver health. It also helps the body to acquire more nutrition from the food consumed.
  7. Another negative side effect of jeera water is that it induces unrequired belching. Consuming lots of jeera water increases the flatulence in your stomach instead of decreasing it. When consumed in moderation, jeera water helps with flatulence, and you lose weight as there is a significant fat reduction. It also helps in achieving a flatter stomach.
  8. Cumin seeds are well known for their narcotic properties. When consumed in excess they cause mental clouding, drowsiness, and nausea. 
  9. Jeera water reacts with the medications you are taking. If you are already on diabetic medication to lower your blood sugar levels, then Jeera water further exacerbates the problem. You might want to discuss this with your doctor.
  10. Jeera water also hampers blood clotting when you are already on blood thinners and take medications that slow blood clotting. This creates a double impact and could be quite detrimental to you. Again, consulting your doctor about this is very important.

The Final takeaway

Jeera water has many side effects and needs to be carefully evaluated before consumption. Even though its benefits consuming too much jeera water can lead to many severe health complications, it is especially the case if you already have diabetes and other health conditions.

Jeera water has acquired the cult status of a cure-all medicine. That is why I write this piece to shed light on the negative aspects so that you, my readers, understand both sides of the coin before blindly the following anything.

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