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Jobs in the private sector have become more common in recent decades, while finding a career in the government used to be a huge bonus. Silchar offers job seekers an opportunity to work in a city that is growing. Several factors influence the success of your job search. Factors include your industry preference, the position you are applying for, and your experience level. Throughout this blog, we will discuss various private job opportunities and industries in Silchar that you may be interested in exploring as a job seeker.

Employment market situation at present: Assam has been ranked second by the Union ministry of statistics and program implementation for percentage growth in employment at 78.84 percent, according to the Sixth Economic Census. Regarding job scenarios, the Chief Minister said that besides development activities, particularly in backward areas, the government would continue to focus on job creation in the days to come. He attributed this impressive growth in employment to the government’s thrust into creating jobs.

There are several private companies offering jobs in Silchar, including:

01. Digital Marketing

Companies such as Inteliqo Research and Services is a digital marketing company that uses the latest technologies and tools in digital marketing to create a website that generates leads and allows your company to grow. An array of digital marketing services is available from this company, including professional website designs, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Inteliqo Research and Services also hires aspiring professionals such as digital marketer, SEO expert, designer, content writer and web developers. It also offers internships to people who want to become part of their team.

02. Creative Writers

Online informative media platform such as The Readers Time that promotes local and hyper-local information to its audience seeks for different professional writers and content contributors. This company provides the best platform for anyone interested in a media, writing, or photography career as full time. This company also seeks Freelancers, including journalists, copy editors, creative writers, assistant editors, and researchers.

03. Banking Jobs

Several banks in Silchar offer banking and finance jobs, including centralized, private, and international banks. A few of them are listed below-

  • HDFC Bank- HDFC Bank is considered one of the top brands to launch your career. HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd offers salaries ranging from Rs 214,169 to Rs 1,356,203 annually. A Great Place to Work Institute certification has been awarded to HDFC Bank, the only Indian bank to receive this honor.
  • ICICI Bank – In terms of total assets, ICICI Bank comes out on top as the largest private sector bank in India. In addition to its position as the country’s second-largest private bank, ICICI Bank offers a variety of jobs, such as clerk jobs, probationary officer positions, sales positions, etc. ICICI Bank offers campus placements in Silchar as well as training for its dynamic sales force.
  • Axis Bank-It is known as the third-biggest private sector bank in India. Various job roles are available at this bank, including Assistant Branch Managers, Customer Service Officers, Branch Managers, Assistant Managers, and Customer Service representatives. While on training, you also have the opportunity to learn and build your knowledge base.

04. Pharmaceutical Jobs

Vibrant trade centre such as Silchar demonstrates the city’s favorable business environment. Pharma companies have so much potential in Silchar, and there is so much scope for the sector’s growth and expansion in terms of jobs for private-sector employees. Pharmaceutical companies in Silchar that offer private jobs include-

  • Noreva Biotech– It is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Silchar. Among the Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Silchar, they are recognized as one of the most reliable names in the niche. So there is an excellent opportunity for people who are considering getting into pharma jobs.
  • Associated Biotech– It is considered as one of the most trustworthy and renowned Pharmaceutical companies in Silchar. It also offers pharmacists the chance to work in the pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Silchar offers a lot of growth and expansion potential. A growing place like Silchar provides additional customers for the business. Private and public organizations can work together in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical jobs like marketing specialists and sales professionals fall into this category.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Silchar offers a lot of growth and expansion potential. A growing place like Silchar provides additional customers for the business. Private and public organizations can work together in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical jobs like marketing specialists and sales professionals fall into this category.

Sun Pharma–  Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm that primarily develops and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in India and the United States. This pharma is present in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Lupin is a multinational pharmaceutical company in India. The main areas of interest for the company are pediatrics, cardiovascular diseases, anti-infectives, diabetes, asthma, and anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Dr. Reddy is a multinational pharmaceutical company situated in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The founder of the company is Anji Reddy.

Mankind Pharma Company was established in the year 1986. It is an Indian leading pharmaceutical company. This company provides world-class medicines at an affordable price.

Cipla is a multinational pharmaceutical company in India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai. Cipla is a pharmaceutical company that makes medicines to treat respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes, weight control, depression, and other medical conditions.

Abbott is an American multinational company with headquarters in Abbott Park in the United States. The Abbott Company was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888.

 Jaggat PHARMA is Jagdale’s flagship division in Bengaluru. The Jagdale Group bought Juggat Pharma in 1973 and merged it with JIPL in 1994.

05. Security Jobs

Silchar’s Security jobs offer various options for people who value flexibility and attention to detail. New entry-level candidates and veterans and former police officers are listed first, with the top cities for this type of employment. Their salaries average between Rs 7000 and 9000 per month.

You can apply at Gold Digi Mall Silchar for a security job. This mall has numerous shops, and they need a recruiter for the post of a security guard.  Similarly, various shops and malls are available, such as Metro, Big Bazar, Metro, Kolkata Bazar, and many others, where you can apply as a security post.

06. Private hospitals Jobs

The healthcare industry in Silchar is experiencing rapid growth. Accordingly, hospital and healthcare management jobs are expected to grow faster in the coming years. Private hospitals and nursing homes are abundant in Silchar, providing career opportunities for employees with many career and advancement options. JJIMS, Green heals Hospitals, Gracewell, etc. are a few of the renowned hospitals and nursing homes that hire private employees.

07. Education sector jobs 

Private schools in Silchar offer a range of job opportunities. In their respective fields, they hire dedicated, skilled, and qualified teachers. Silchar is also home to an NIT, making it a popular destination for students and job seekers. Companies such as IBM, Wipro, and TCS offer a variety of private jobs as campus hiring.

Meeting your professional and personal goals depends on finding the right job for you. To do that, you need to know where you can skills and qualifications can be utilized best. You will move up the ladder before you know it if you have the right set of skills and find a job that suits you. Thus, it is vital for a private job seeker in Silchar to seek for meaningful, rewarding, and long-lasting career.

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