8 Best Biryani in Silchar 2023

To all the food lovers out there, it’s a caution that this blog will be delicious and tempting to your eyes. 

Food is a must in anyone’s life, and we eat to survive. However, eating tasty food is essential to lead a happy life. As we talk about tasty food, my personal favorite is Biryani. To many people, the name Biryani itself can make their mouth water, and they start feeling hungry instantly. Yes, I am one of them, and I believe many like me. Imagine a handi of steaming and smelling heavenly Biryani just landed in front of you, with a thick gravy and a lovely bowl of Raita. Are you feeling hungry already? 

Sitting in Silchar, you might have wondered that where you should go to treat your taste buds with a lovely plate of Biryani. Visiting a place where you want to eat Biryani but get a gross one might spoil your entire day. Remember, you might make your life decisions right or wrong, but making the right food decision is necessary. This blog has been designed to ensure that you don’t make any bad decisions in finding the best places in Silchar that serve mouth-watering Biryani. 

Hence, let the minimum percentage of people know who might not know about Biryani. It is a mixed rice dish made with rice, spices and can also be mixed with meat, eggs, or vegetables. It showcases India’s vibrant and flavourful culture that originated among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is a famous dish in India and in all over the world.

Biryani is something that can’t be made in a blink. It is like a piece of art in the field of cooking that requires patience. The process of making Biryani is a long one. The most popular Biryani is the Hyderabadi Biryani. It is a meal on its own. Biryani keeps changing its version from place to place. Somewhere it is multi-colored, and in some places, it is of one color, somewhere it has potato in it, somewhere it doesn’t. There are many variations of Biryani like Kolkata Biryani, Awadhi, Donne, Bhatkali, Dindigul, Thalassery, etc. However, every version of it is delicious.

Now, let’s jump right into the list of places that serve the Best Biryani in Silchar. 

01. Nawab Restaurant

Nawab Restaurant biryani

After you hear Biryani in Silchar, the first name that can come into your mind is Nawab Restaurant. It has got one of the best Biryani in Silchar. The quantity, quality, and price goes hand in hand at Nawab. They serve all kind of dishes in their restaurant but, their specialty lies in Biryani. Nawabhas a huge variety in Biryani, including chicken, mutton, egg, paneer and vegetable Biryani. Besides, they also have a special Biryani, known as Bamboo Biryani, which is really delicious and unique. The restaurant opens at 10 am for dine-in, takeaway, and online home delivery.

Price: The price is different for all types of Biryani. However, the price range of Biryani at Nawabis approximately between ₹ 180 to ₹ 380. They also serve mini Biryani, which is also pocket-friendly.

Location: Ellora Hotel Complex, Club Rd, near Hiranmoyee Lodge, Silchar, Assam 788001

Contact number: 09577756099

02. Cafe Hub

Cafe hub biryani

If you are a Biryani fan and planning for a lunch with friends, Cafe Hub is just right for you. The ambiance and the food both make it an Ideal choice to hang out with friends and special one. The Biryani is mouth-watering and is very pocket-friendly. However, Cafe Hub don’t really have much options in Biryani to choose from, but what they serve is delicious. Their shawarma roll is very popular and the next one is their Biryani. Cafe Hub is open to dine-in, take away and online home delivery.

Price: The price range of the Biryani of Cafe Hub starts from ₹ 160.

Location: HouseNo: 203, RANGIRKHARI, NS Ave, Silchar, Assam 788005

Contact number: 07085146606

03. Eat & Fit Restaurant

This is a new restaurant and is surprisingly good. The restaurant is located at the outskirts of the town. Eat & Fit has a nice ambiance and a lovely interior and exterior. Talking about the food there, I must suggest you not to doubt there quantity. Besides, there Biryani looks very tempting and tastes heavenly. They have various types of Biryani, for you to choose from. The options include chicken, mutton, egg, paneer, and vegetable Biryani. If you are in the mood to take a drive and have a good dinner, this place is just right for you.

Price: The price of the Biryani served in Eat & Fit is approximately between ₹ 180 to ₹ 350.

Location: Lumding-Silchar road, Silchar Airport road, NH 27, Silchar, Assam 788030. Near Marwari Tandoori Dhaba.

Contact number:07002413629

04. Pakwan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Pakwan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Biryani Silchar

Like it’s name, it is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant. It serves dishes from all around the world. Pakwan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant serves one of the best Biryani in town. They have various Biryani types, including veg, egg, chicken, and mutton dum biriyani, veg, egg, chicken, and mutton Hyderabadi Biryani, etc. Apart from Biryani they also serve various side dishes and beverages. Pakwan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is open for dine-in, takeaway, and online home delivery through Swiggi.

Price: The price of the Biryani served in Pakwan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant starts from ₹ 180 to ₹ 400 per plate. 

Location: Shillong Patty, Shyamaprasad Road, Silchar, Assam 788001

Contact number: 08724843014

05. Brotherhood Cafe and Restaurant

Brotherhood Cafe and Restaurant Silchar Biryani

It is the best place to be, especially if you are a photoholic. The interior of this place has set a benchmark for the restaurants in Silchar. Besides, the food of Brotherhood Cafe and Restaurantis also very delicious. Talking about the Biryani they serve, it is very tempting and mouth-watering. They have various types of Biryani, including veg, egg, chicken, and mutton biriyani. Brotherhood Cafe and Restaurant is open for dine-in, takeaway, and online home delivery.

Price: The Biryani served in Brotherhood Cafe and Restaurant price starts from ₹ 150 to ₹ 380 per plate. 

Location: Ranghirkhari NS Ave, opp. Lifeline Hospital, Silchar, Assam 788005

Contact number: 09435866767

06. Babaz Biryani Hub

It is a small but lovely place to have a nice plate of Biryani at Silchar. It is located amidst the hustle of the town. Babaz Biryani Hub provides one of the best and most aromatic Biryani, which can help in boosting your mood instantly. They serve various types of Biryani, including veg, egg, chicken, and mutton biriyani. Babaz Biryani Hub is open for dine-in, takeaway, and online home delivery through Swiggi and other sources. 

Price: The price of the Biryani served in Babaz Biryani Hub starts approximately from ₹ 150 to ₹ 380 per plate. 

Location: Station Rd, Tarapur, Silchar, Assam 788003

Contact number: 09864373239

07. Restaurant Diya

Restaurant Diya Biryani

It is the restaurant area of the Kalpataru Hotel. Restaurant Diya has a great ambiance for a family lunch known to serve one of the best biryanis in town. Restaurant Diya hosts various parties, seminars and provides good quality food to its customers. The Biryani found there is aromatic, fluffy, and served in good quantity. The price is also pocket-friendly, attracting students, youths, and middle-aged people. Restaurant Diya is open for dine-in and takeaway. 

Price: The Biryani served in Restaurant Diya starts approximately from ₹ 200 to ₹ 400 per plate. 

Location: Circuit House Road, Silchar, Assam 788001

Contact number: 03842238758

08. Jaya’s Hotel and Restaurant

Jaya's Restaurant Silchar

It is one of the oldest places where Silchar people love to hang out. Jaya’s Hotel and Restaurant serve various types of dishes. They don’t compromise with the quality or quantity. The restaurant is perfect if you plan to have lunch with your family. Jaya’s Hotel and Restaurant serve delicious Biryani, which can treat your taste buds well.

Price: The price of the Biryani served in Jaya’s Hotel and Restaurant starts approximately from ₹ 150 to ₹ 300 per plate. 

Location: C/O. Anil Smriti, 1st Floor, Nazirpatty, Silchar, Assam 788001

Contact number: 03842245569

The search for tasty Biryani might, however never end. You can choose and visit any of the restaurants mentioned above to have a good plate of Biryani. Besides, various food trucks and small stalls serve delicious Biryani, but could not make to this list due to the location issues. But, do drop a comment if you want us to write about food trucks and small stalls that serve delicious Biryani and other dishes in Silchar. Also, if we have missed any information, please comment below with the updated information. We will be thankful for your efforts in providing the best information to the world.

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