Side effects of onion juice on hair

Side Effects of Onion Juice on Hair

Onion as being used for general consumptions carries a lot of beneficial and harmful substances inside it. There are various types of onion present, such as bulb onion, shallot onion, and Chinese onion. The onion is familiar to the garlic and leek. It is a core biennial plant and can be consumed in raw and cooked form with its cultivation occurring throughout year. The onion has a lot of other varieties as well, such as onion flowers, onion roots, and onion plants. People love eating onions and have used them for medical purposes for a long time. There is a belief associated with the onion that onion juice is good to hear however there are also side effects of onion juice on hair which very few are aware of. The onion can be cooked as a vegetable, and the onion pickle can be formed. The onion-based oil, shampoos, and soaps are widely available globally. People use these materials to improve hair and skin conditions.

Is onion juice not good for the hair? What are the side effects of it?

We all know that fruits and vegetables-based products can cure various problems for a very long period. But these vegetables also have potential negative drawbacks. The onion juice is beneficial for hair treatment. Still, after multiple kinds of research and personal experiences of the people, some side effects have also been reported.

What are the main causes of the side effects ?

The side effects of any product arise only due to some possible reasons. Some of the possible reasons having the side effects of onion juice on hair are as follows:

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What are the precautions you can take to avoid the side effects ?

If applied to the hairs after taking the various precautions, the onion juice will reduce the side effects. The various precautions that have to be taken for applying the onion juice on the hairs are as follows:

Now let’s dive in to understand the benefits ?

The onion juice is used for various hair treatments for a longer period. The various home-based and commercial onion juice hair products are out in the market these days. People are buying these products due to their potential benefits apart from the side effects. Some of the benefits of onion juice application on the hairs are as follows:

What are the various onion juice-based hair products available in the market?

In the modern days, people are more habitual of using fruits and vegetable-based products for hair and skin nourishment. The apple vinegar, aloe vera gels, and onion juice-based products are available in bulk in the market. Some of the onion juice-based hair products are as follows:

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