Is curd good for hair?

The curd is a product prepared by fragmenting the milk overnight or for some time. The milk of the buffalo & the cow is generally used to prepare the curd. People can eat the curd and can use the curd for some particular purpose. In India, people prefer to make the curd in the correct quantity at home. The milk is converted into a solid form by adding lactic acid. Curd is used to driving several dishes such as Kadhi, DahiVada, Lassi & Chaas. Curd is generally good in taste and white in color. A wide utensil is usually used to make the curd at homes. Some of the famous companies like Mother Dairy, Amul& others are providing the retail packets of the curd to the people. Curd is considered to be remedial for the skin and hairs also. People use curd to cure various skin and hair diseases.

What are the various benefits?

Benefits of curd for the hair infographics

The curd is a cure for various hair treatments. Some of the benefits of the curd on the hair are as follows:

  • The eating of the curd daily or in the meal completes all the required proteins and nutrition’s in the body. This nutrition acts as a supplement that helps strengthen the inner cells of the scalp and results in long hair growth.
  • The high level of zinc and magnesium present in the curd helps in more hair nourishment. The hair density increases with these kinds of substances present in the curd.
  • The curd acts as a conditioner for various kinds of hairs. The presence of lactic acid makes the hair smooth and shinier.
  • The hair damage problems could be controlled by using curd on the scalp.
  • The scalp becomes oily, and dryness could be removed using the curd.
  • The presence of the vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin B5 is good for improving hair condition.
  • The health of the hairs could be improved by using the curd over the head scalp.
  • The scalp infections could be treated after applying the curd. The curd can fight the various harmful substances and germs on the scalp and protect it from infectious diseases.
  • The problems of dandruff layers over the scalp could be solved by applying the curd.
  • The scalp itching and irritation problem could be solved by using the curd.
  • The hairs become more flexible and freezy after applying the proper curd.
  • The hair strength increases after applying the curd. The roots and cell membranes inside the scalp become strong after using the curd and protect the same from hair falling.
  • The best hair mask could be made by mixing the curd and egg. This will help in bringing more shine and smoothness to the hair.
  • The curd acts as a moisturizer for the hairs and helps real growth.
  • The scalp health could be improved because of propionic bacteria in the curd.
  • The hair radiance becomes improved by using the curd.
  • The pH level of the scalp could be balanced by using the curd over the scalp.
  • Mix the curd with olive oil. This hair mask helps in improving the hair condition in a better way.
  • The curd and fenugreek mask could also help improve hair density and condition.
  • The curd could be used for further hair cleaning because of the presence of Rasayana oil kind of thing in the curd.
  • The curd makes the hair silkier.
  • The hair follicles become strong after applying the curd over the scalp.
  • The baldness on some scalp parts could be removed after applying the curd.
  • The redness and inflammation level could be controlled by using the curd over the scalp.
  • The curd acts as a relaxer for the stress and depression kind of thing. The scalp muscles become more flexible due to curd massage over the same.
  • The hydration level and watery presence increase over the scalp after applying the correct quantity of the curd.
  • The unpleasant smell of the curd could be controlled by rinsing the same by using the right combination of the shampoo.
  • The worm presence on the hair could be solved after applying the curd over the scalp.
  • The hair becomes straighter by using the curd.
  • The hair problems like excessive curls could be solved after applying the curd.
  • The curd acts as an antibacterial and antifungal for various scalp diseases.

What is the best curd-based hair mask that a person could make?

Curd and lemon mask

Some curd hair mask that can help in improving the hair condition in a better way:

Curd hair mask
  • Curd and lemon hair mask has proven to be more beneficial for improving hair condition.
  • Oil and camphor hair mask by adding the curd has also proven beneficial for improving the hair condition.
  • The addition of coconut oil in the curd helps re-growing the hairs in the short run.
  • The curd and neem paste is one of the powerful hair masks that help resolve the various hair diseases and keep the shine in the hair for a long time.
  • The curd and Aloe Vera hair mask helps improve the hair texture and overall pattern.
  • The curd and honey hair mask helps in improving the overall hair condition.
  • The usage of the curd on the different body parts for removing the hairs and for bleaching purposes. This makes the skin clean and glowing all the time.
  • The tanning from the scalp skin removes after using the curd over the same.
  • The orange juice, dal, and curd could be mixed to get healthier hairs.
  • The scars on the scalp could be healed after applying the curd over the same.
  • After doing the hair bleach, using the curd will keep the skin protected.
  • The curd and banana could be used to keep the hair condition better for the long run.
  • The hairs become greasier after applying the curd hair mask over the same.
  • The hair bleaching by using the curd helps prevent acne and pimples over the skin.

How to apply the curd-based hair mask on the scalp?

Curd apply on hair

A proper procedure must be followed to apply the curd over the scalp to get better results. The hair mask could be prepared by using the following process:

  • The curd mask must be applied inside the hairs over the scalp using the hands. The massage will help protect the scalp layers from any damage for a long time.
  • The hands should be clean before applying the curd-based hair mask.
  • Sometimes a clean brush could be used to apply the curd-based hair mask.
  • The curd hair mask should be applied for a definite time.
  • The curd mask should be adequately rinsed by using shampoos. This will help in removing the stickiness from the hairs.
  • People suffering from any significant scar over the scalp should avoid using the curd mask over that area. This will help protect that part from an entry of lactic acid and itching.
  • The curd hair mask acts as the hair serum.

What are the different drawbacks?

The curd-based hair mask is highly recommended for hairs. But there are some drawbacks also present in the curd based hair mask:

  • The curd hair mask is a bit sticky on the hair.
  • The curd hair mask contains a bed smell. This smell is not easy to be removed.
  • The curd hair mask sometimes increases the chances of adverse reactions due to lactic acid.
  • The curd that is used, if not unacceptable condition then it can provide negative results.
  • If applied in a large quantity, the curd-based hair mask can cause possible side effects.

“The yogurt is a remedial measure to cure the various hair conditions.”

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