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How to make Amla Juice at home – Step by step guide

How to make Amla Juice

You can own glowing skin and a luscious mane by only taking two tablespoons of amla juice daily. Amla, known as Indian gooseberry, is widely found in India. It is a powerhouse of the well-packed source of nutrients, useful in boosting your overall health. Amla is rich in vitamin C, which can gift you better skin and hair, and also helps in boosting immunity. This miraculous fruit can help control the level of blood sugar in the body, improve eye health, hemoglobin level, and digestion, and help you lose weight. Th juice is a remedy for various health issues, such as heartburn. The nutritious drink will help you get rid of toxins and encourage better liver function. The drink tastes tangy and can be used in various ways. This blog will cover everything that you need to know about Amla and amla juice. The blog will highlight the benefits of Amla, how to consume it, how to make Amla juice at home, and how is it manufactured in the factory. 

Benefits of consuming amla juice

There are many benefits of amla juice. A few of them are mentioned below.

Manufacturing process of amla juice

There are many manufacturers worldwide, who manufacture the juice, which are ready to use and are easily available at any departmental store. Many of us have already used such juice found in seal packaging. But did you ever think how they are prepared? Let’s find that out today.

First of all, the factory workers ensure to do all the procedures by maintaining full hygiene. They start by dressing by wearing aprons, gloves, mask, and shower cap. Later they select a sound and matured gooseberries/amlas. Next, those amlas are washed thoroughly under turbulent washing to remove dirt, dust, and other unwanted material. The next step is the cutting, which is done in a specialized machine. Later, the pulping, filtration, standardizing, and pasteurizing is done for storage or can be used to make other value-added food products by boiling the pulp or directly cooking the amla fruits. These are used for making products like amla preserve, pickle, candy or mouth freshener. The pulp or extract are also used in making chavanprash, amla juice, fruit bar, amla sauce, cosmetic products, ready-to-ear beverages, etc. The juice is later packed in airtight bottle or pouch using a special machine. After conducting proper inspection, the products are send to the market. 

Prepare your Amla juice at home

As we have found already, how amla juice is manufactured in factories. Many brands in the market are minting money by commercializing Amla and are also getting sold like hotcakes. It is happening because everyone is well aware of the benefits provided by this humble superfood. From the kids to the older person, everyone needs to consume it daily to stay healthy.

Here, some of the popular Amla juice products

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But, have you ever thought about how much nutrients the packaged juice that we consume is giving us? Of course, they are not bad, but homemade will be more pure and full of nutrition. Besides, the expenditure can’t be avoided as well. So, why not prepare the same juice at home? Here we have a simple, step by step recipe of making the juice at home.

Ingredients required: 

You will need 1 kg fresh amla,

500 grams sweetening agent, such as honey or jaggery/ gur/ brown sugar, according to your preferences,

250 grams ginger,

10 to 15 fresh lemons of medium size,

Lastly, salt to taste.

Step by step preparation:

Step 1- Start by washing the Amla thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step 2- Chop the Amla roughly into small pieces, mix it with salt (as per taste). And let it rest for approximately two hours.

Step 3- Next, wash the salted amlas with clean water, place it in a juicer, and remove the juice by straining it properly.

Step 4- Now, repeat the same with ginger, and extract its juice as well.

Step 5- The next step is to take a container and mix the amla juice and ginger juice. 

Step 6- Take another container, squeeze and strain lemons. Pour the lemon juice into the mixture of Amla and ginger juice. 

Step 7- Add the sweetening agent and mix it all well.

Step 8- Once, all are mixed, your amla juice is ready to serve, with all-natural goodness intact in it.

Step 9- Store it in an airtight glass bottle. It can be used in the future.

Methods to consume amla juice

After knowing how the juice is made in factories and how you can make the same at home, now you might think about how to consume it to get the best results. Don’t worry, keep reading and get to know that too. There are many ways you can drink the juice. Some most effective methods are given below.

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Basic amla juice

Amla has many health benefits. Consumption of the juice can boost your immunity and help you fight many diseases. You can prepare this essential amla juice and consume it regularly. Take half a cup of the juice and add it to a glass of lukewarm water, mix it well and drink this as the first thing in the morning. You can also add some honey to it for taste. This drink promotes weight loss and also manages cholesterol levels.

Mix amla juice with aloe vera juice

Like Amla, aloe vera is another ingredient that delivers multiple health benefits. You can take the same amount of amla and aloe vera juice, mix it and consume it every morning. The drink is a perfect immunity booster, will help in detoxification. Regular consumption of this drink can improve your skin and hair health.

Bottle gourd, amla and honey juice

As known by many, bottle gourd is a water-based vegetable. It is popularly consumed by people, who want to lose their body weight. To make a bottle gourd, Amla and honey juice, you need to take two amlas and two to three large pieces of bottle gourd. Next, grind them well and extract the juice by straining. Add some honey as per taste, and it is ready. You can drink a half cup of this juice every day. Consumption of this juice can boost heart health and help in managing your blood pressure. This juice is also suitable for people with diabetes. 

Amla is a very beneficial ingredient for a healthy life. We all must include the juice into our diet. We hope that the above-mentioned details can help you find answers to your queries. Besides, if you feel we have missed any information, please comment with the updated information. We will be pleased to provide the best information to the world for your efforts.

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