Difference between rebonding and smoothening – Which is better?

Most women want straight and smooth hair, but we are all born with different characteristics. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and so do our hair colours and textures. Straight hair is no longer uncommon and its completely your wish whether to go fortemporarily or even permanent treatment, but before deciding which process you should go through, let us tell you about the differences, let you assess them, and then we’ll leave it up to you.

What is the main difference or comparison between rebonding and smoothening is a million-dollar question. The number of hair treatments available makes it difficult to choose one. As both have their functionality and varying degrees of usefulness, it’s hard to determine which is better. Everyone dreams of smooth, shiny, silky hairs. Some people are blessed with long, straight, and shiny hair, while others resort to hair treatments to achieve desired results. Smoothening and rebonding are the most common straightening treatments.

Before going to the details, let us find out what rebonding and smoothening exactly.

What exactly is Rebonding?

Hair rebounding

The term “rebonding” refers to a chemical process of restoring the softness, smoothness, and straightness of hair. Chemicals are used to straighten the hair during the rebonding process. A semi-permanent hair treatment, rebonding, involves chemical treatments. Chemicals and excessive heat are used on your hair, causing your natural fibers to break. It can last for up to six months if properly maintained. Natural bonds between hair strands are broken normally using softeners or relaxers. After these bonds are broken, neutralizers restructure them. By rearranging natural bonds, this process is referred to as rebonding. Due to its effects on the hair structure, rebonding is a permanent treatment. It can last up to a year, but it mostly depends on how long it takes for your hair to grow back. Most of the time, rebonding is achieved using chemicals. Rebonding is suitable for all hair types, although curly, voluminous, and unkempt hair types are more likely to benefit from it. Chemicals in this treatment can damage your hair and skin and need to be handled with great care. The best person to do this is a trained hair stylist. Due to all the chemical processes rebonded hair has been subjected to, it requires a lot more hair care than normal hair

What is Smoothening?

Hair Smoothening

By smoothing your hair, you make it straight, manageable, smooth, and frizz-free. If you have curly or wavy hair, this hair treatment is perfect for you. Those with straight hair also enjoy this treatment as it eliminates frizz from their hair. Those with thick, curly, unmanageable hair may find that this does not work well. Smoothing is a temporary procedure, and the results last approximately four or five months.

Here, some of the hair Smoothening products.

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Smoothing hair can be accomplished by either a protein or keratin treatment. Certain hair types are quite challenging to manage and style into different styles, so many women are constantly concerned about their hair structure. You know how annoying it is to achieve a specific style when your hair is unruly and frizzy, especially in humid climates. When such situations arise, women strive for a manageable and smooth look. Tangling can be removed by rebonding and smoothening. You will be able to select the best treatment for your hair by knowing the differences between rebonding and smoothening.

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Rebonding vs Smoothening: What’s the difference?

There is no difference in the objective of these two processes; the only difference is in the method. Chemicals are used in these hair treatments to straighten and keep hair straight over some time. People often get confused about choosing the right process for their hair because they have very slight differences. Furthermore, both of these contain chemical agents that damage hair. Using rebonding and smoothing treatments you can create straight, soft, sleek hair. But rebonding and smoothening are very different processes. The main difference between rebonding and smoothening is the hair type each is suitable for; Smoothening is better for people with wavy or frizzy hair, while rebonding is best for thick, curly untamable hair.

Hair Rebonding Vs Hair Smoothening?

Hair Rebonding Vs Hair Smoothening

According to experts, smoothing is much more effective than rebonding, as natural straight hair is more appealing than pin straight hair, which is difficult to style. The parlour staff will never clear you about how the chemical components work. The degree of straitening by chemical means is nearly the same in both processes, the only difference being the quantity and strength of the agents. Sadly, more chemical is used to achieve a more permanent and straight look, which in turn causes more damage. Let’s compare them and let it leave it up to you to decide which you prefer?

  • Smoothening is a technique for making hair silkier and manageable by making it softer and smoother whereas the rebonding technique is intended to straighten hair rather than put it in a wavy or curly shape for those who desire straight hair.
  • The chemicals used in rebonding are different from those used in smoothening.
  • In order to achieve straight hair after smoothening, rebonding is still required.
  • In contrast, the effect of rebonding lasts about 6-7 months while the results of smoothening only last around 3 months
  • Effect- Smoothening process involves making the hair soft and smooth, while Rebonding involves straightening the hair.
  • Damage- In comparison to straightening and rebonding, Smoothening causes less damage to hair since it does not involve chemicals.
  • Longevity- A Rebonding treatment is permanent, whereas a Smoothening treatment is temporary.
  • Look Natural – Smoothening generates a more natural appearance compared to rebonding
  • Hair types- Rebonding can be a good choice for people who have voluminous, curly and difficult-to-manage hair, whereas Smoothening is better suited for individuals with frizzy, wavy or untameable hair. This might not be the best option for those with voluminous, curly and difficult-to-manage hair.

Which one is better?

The best hair is natural hair. The best way to maintain and enhance your hair’s natural beauty is to embrace it. Chemically treating your hair exposes them to damage, which can negatively affect your hair’s health in the long run. However, keratin hair straighteners and curlers can be used for occasional transformation. You can achieve the desired texture with less damage. Smoothening, however, is less damaging to hair than rebonding or straightening; yet it involves a good natural-looking appearance. Therefore, it is better to choose Smoothening if you wish to improve the hair texture without even changing the hair structure, which is natural. Hair will appear silky, smooth, and natural with Smoothening. In most cases, hair Smoothening is recommended over rebonding and straightening by hair stylists.

Hair Rebonding Over Hair Smoothing

  • Smoothening can reduce frizz in hair, but curly hair cannot be straightened by it.
  • Hair Rebonding can straighten the curliest of hair; If you have very curly hair, thick, kinky, or thick hair, then it is very difficult to straighten your hair without hair rebonding. Until your new hair grows in, your straightened hair remains in shape. “Japanese straightening” is another term for hair rebonding.
  • If you do Rebonding your hair will remain straight for a really long duration, while smoothing your hair does not even make your hair straight completely, but it can transform it into less frizzy waves from curls

Smoothing over rebonding

  • Those who prefer a natural straight finish to their hair but don’t want their hair to look pin-straight should opt for hair smoothening
  • The smoothening of your hair can save your hair from further breakage if it is very thin or very prone to damage
  • Smoothening the hair can provide a noticeable increase in shine and smoothness
  • This treatment is best suited for people with relaxed, permanently coloured, or bleached hair

So Girls, here we go! You also need to consider your personal style, taste, hair length, and hair quality when considering the end results of different straightening therapies. The results of treatment will vary, however, based on the individual. So, before walking into a salon, you should understand different types of treatments from a 360-degree perspective.

What you want ultimately determines your final decision. The rebonding process is what you should choose if you want perfectly straight hair. A smoothing treatment is the best option for those looking to add some shine and smoothness to their hair. Smoothening is cheaper than rebonding and relatively milder. The facts about rebonding and straightening should be understood before undergoing such treatment or process. There are many similarities and some differences between hair rebonding and hair smoothening as well as some advantages and disadvantages. In order to determine whether a person has issues such as hair loss, chemical allergies, or any other serious issues, the hairstylist suggests usually to test their hair before they undergo any of these hair treatments. Neither of these hair treatments are being recommended without your knowledge. Detailed information about smoothing and rebonding is included along with their differences. We have also described some of the reasons why one is better than the other. So, which one will you choose?

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