4 Benefits of oil pulling for skin

Have you heard of Benefits of oil pulling for skin? Or you have heard about it but don’t know what it is? Oil pulling is a technique originating from ancient times when our ancestors would clean their mouths by rinsing them in oil. Sounds so strange, right? But it actually has many benefits and provides positive effects not only to your mouth but also to your skin.

Oil Pulling

That is why in this blog post I talk about the practice of oil pulling, elucidate its numerous benefits and let you know that even celebrities from India to Hollywood are practicing this technique as a way to acquire better health. So, now coming to the basic question – What is oil pulling?

Coconut oil

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is the Ayurvedic technique of swishing oil in your mouth to remove all the bacteria and promote great oral hygiene. You need to swish the oil around your mouth using it as a mouthwash and as the duration of this practice increases so does the benefits. You can do it for a maximum of 20 minutes.

The oil that you use will moisturise your gums, increase saliva production and reduce the germs in your mouth. I have also given the steps to follow to do oil pulling. It’s very simple and you need to use good quality, extra virgin oils that aren’t chemically processed or adulterated for this.

How to do it?

To do oil pulling you will need extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth. Do not swallow it.
  • Swish it around your mouth just like a mouthwash for 15-20 minutes. If you are new to this then you can try for 5 minutes and gradually build it up from there.
  • Spit the oil after you are done. Do not swallow.
  • Rinse your mouth well with water after doing this. Must be done on an empty stomach and before brushing your teeth.

For best results, it is recommended to do it first thing in the morning after you get up on an empty stomach. This technique is very effective in pulling the germs in your mouth away from your teeth and gums. You don’t have to take my word for it as I have listed some celebrities who swear by this practice.

Celebrities who practice oil pulling

Celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Shilpa Shetty and Jacqueline Fernandez all follow this practice after they get up in the morning. It is the first thing on their to-do list and they vouch for the benefits this practice provides. Jacqueline Fernandez even has gone on record to say she uses extra virgin coconut oil for doing it.

Oil Pulling Anushka

This practice is not restricted to India alone and celebrities all over the globe are following it. Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, supermodel Miranda Kerr, divergent star Shailene Woodley, and socialites like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen extoll the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil that also brightens their chompers.

Oil Pulling Jacqueline

I hope after reading till here, it has opened you to a whole new practice of self-care that is being done by everyone and anyone. The benefits of this practice are many and I have written about them for your better understanding.

The general benefits of oil pulling

  1. There are several types of bacteria and germs that call your mouth their home. They can be found any time of the day and contribute to a host of oral issues like tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. Several studies have shown that oil pulling can reduce the number of germs that reside in your mouth and works as effectively as a mouthwash.
  2. Bad breath is common and is often the symptom of some underlying issue in the mouth, like infection, gum disease, poor oral hygiene and tongue coating. Studies have concluded that oil pulling is quite effective in reducing the bacteria in the mouth and is a natural alternative to reducing bad breath.
  3. Cavities are a common problem that is caused due to excess build-up of germs due to consuming too much sugar or having poor oral hygiene. Bacterial breaks down the food particles in your mouth forming an acid that destroys your tooth enamel and causes cavities. Oil pulling has shown it can significantly reduce the bacteria in your mouth reducing the risk of cavities.
  4. Oil pulling has been proven to be an effective remedy for improving gum health and reducing inflammation. It works by reducing the bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Oils like coconut oil carry anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation that is associated with gum disease.

These are the benefits related to oral hygiene that can be seen when oil pulling is done regularly. Interestingly enough oil pulling has other benefits as well which I have listed below for your information. So, please keep reading.

Oil Pulling benefits for skin

Oil pulling has other benefits as well other than promoting great oral hygiene. The very act of swishing the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes exercises your facial muscles and jaws. When you do oil pulling first thing in the morning all the toxins that have accumulated overnight in your body while you were sleeping gets pulled away by this method.

That is why many people have discovered added benefits like better skin, reduction in eczema and psoriasis, and a decrease in the inflammation of the mouth when done regularly. Many people have also reported finding their hangover cured after following this method. It also helps the body in getting good sleep and reducing headaches

Oil pulling has been around for a long time and is now making a comeback of sorts with many people trying it and experiencing many benefits. The roots of oil pulling lie in Ayurveda and is clearly a healthier alternative to chemical laden mouthwashes. The oils used such as coconut oil have a better nutrient profile and are loaded with natural antioxidants.


Oil pulling is here to stay with many people raving about its benefits. It dispels toxins from the body, improves oral hygiene, and plays a role in enhancing general health. It also strengthens your facial muscles and gives you a toned look when done regularly.

Please remember oil pulling needs to be done with cold pressed oils that aren’t adulterated in any way or chemically processed for that matter. Only then you can experience the benefits of this technique. Do try out this technique and let me know how it went for you. Do tell me about your journey of oil pulling and all the health benefits you experienced. This is all about the benefits of oil pulling for skin.

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