9 Best Storage Bags for clothes in India (December 2022)

 9 Best Storage Bags for clothes in India (December 2022)

Looking for the list of Best Storage Bags for clothes in India 2022. Then, you are in the right place. You have a lot of clothes but no space to keep them. Even after donating and giving your clothes for recycling you are still left with so much stuff that your closet is overflowing. You are at your wit’s end to sort out this mess. Does this sound familiar to you? Or is this you?

Obviously, you can’t build another wardrobe from scratch; that would involve a lot of things and a whole new set of resources including time and money. You might end up altering the layout of your house if you go down that lane. But then you might be wondering what to do. Too much stuff, too much clutter and you want to be organized, and tidy.

Well, not to worry. I understand your problem and there is a solution to this problem. After donating and recycling your stuff, if you are left with things that you want to keep and see value in them then you can buy storage bags for your clothes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different purposes. You can organize your closet, and make it neat and tidy with the help of these bags.

Finally, by using these bags you will feel you have control over the stuff in your closet and things are not just overflowing along with your peace of mind. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of Storage bags for Clothes.

List of storage bags for clothes

I have compiled a list of the various types of storage bags available in the market that you can use to store not only clothes but also items like blankets, handbags, comforters, etc.

01. Cloth storage bag

The first bag on my list is a cloth storage bag that is rectangular and is commonly available on Flipkart and Amazon. This storage bag can be used to store anything from clothes, and books to blankets and comforters. They can be placed inside your closet and don’t take up too much space. You can buy more than 1 and stack them up making a tall unit. They protect the contents inside them from dust, mold, and moisture and keep them odour free. They have a clear plastic side that makes it easy for you to identify the contents. Another type of storage bag is made completely from plastic and can be used to store anything and everything. This clear bag allows you to see what is stored inside. They are easy to maintain and a quick wipe-down is sufficient to keep them clean.

Pretty Krafts storage bags are good bags for storing clothes especially delicate clothing like sarees. They come in a stack of 3 bags and keep your sarees protected for a long time.

  • It comes in a variety of colors and you have many choices and is extremely affordable.
  • It is not waterproof.

These bags are sturdy and made from fabric. They are perfect for storing any of your clothes and they come in a pack of 2. They have a clear window for you to identify the contents stored.

  • They are light. They are foldable bags. They are quite spacious
  • They are available in limited colours.

These are trendy storage bags that have a collapsible design. They are very useful in organizing your closet and you can store anything in them from clothes to books or toys.

  • They are light with sturdy handles. You can use it as a single storage unit or a double storage unit. They are stackable.
  • They are available in limited colours.

02. Vacuum storage bag

A vacuum storage bag is a new buzzword when it comes to storing and organizing your closet. Vacuum storage bags are quite the space savers and can store big items easily without occupying too much space in your closet. Imagine this: You have a beautiful coat that you wear only on special occasions. This coat is long and when you hang it in your closet there is not much space for other clothes and it is also collecting a lot of dust. You don’t have the heart to fold it and stuff it in a bag either. In that case, a vacuum storage bag is your answer. You can buy these bags online or offline and many of them are accompanied by a free pump. All you need to do is gently place your coat in this bag, seal it and then use the pump to remove the air creating a vacuum. Then hang it in your closet. This bag will protect your coat for ages to come and when you remove it to use it, it will look brand new. You can use these types of bags to store anything and everything.

These are good-quality bags sold at an affordable price. These transparent bags come with a pump and are quite useful in storing clothes and saving space at the same time. You can increase the capacity of your wardrobe by 80% by just using these bags.

  • These bags come in different sizes, small, medium, and large. Made of high-grade plastic these bags are reusable and have multi-purposes.
  • The pump comes as a set and not a standalone item. So if you order it a second time you will get another pump.

They also make good-quality vacuum bags that are reusable and save room. They also have a lifetime replacement guarantee and they will replace the bags without asking any questions for free.

  • High-quality plastic bags that have a lifetime replacement warranty. Can be used even while traveling and packing your suitcase.
  • Comes in large and jumbo sizes only. There is no small or medium size

03. Hanging Storage Bag

A hanging storage bag just might be the answer to all your handbag woes. No matter how much you stop yourself from buying the latest handbags you will realize that you have collected more than you need over the years. Of course, parting with them is going to be difficult and I am here to tell you that you don’t have to. Handbags are special, even more than clothes and you can always wear handbags to accessorize your clothes along with using them to carry your essentials. That is why a hanging storage bag comes in handy to store all your handbags in one place without occupying any space in your closet. All you need to do is hang one of these beauties on your closet door or on your bedroom door and store all your handbags. They are made from plastic and are clear so you can easily spot which handbag you will be carrying for the day.

This bag is a great way to store all your handbags in one place. It keeps them organized and saves a lot of space in your wardrobe. You can easily select the purse you want and wear it for the day.

  • These storage bags protect your handbags for a long time. They are also versatile and you can use them to store anything else. Extremely affordable.
  • Can hold 6 bags maximum.

This organizer also helps you store all your handbags in a tidy way and you can find them stacked in one place. It is portable and lightweight and when not in use you can fold it and store it safely.


  • Lightweight and comes in many colours. It weighs only 300 grams.
  • Can hold 6 bags maximum.

04. Under Bed Storage Bag

Another unique way of utilizing storage space is to have drawers under your bed. These drawers come in handy to store your blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, quilts, comforters, and many more things under your bed. It also makes it very easy to change your bed covers regularly. But you might find that if you don’t open these drawers often dust and mold might collect on them. To thwart this issue it is better to store them in storage bags made for these drawers. They are sleek, slim storage bags that come in fabric or plastic and can easily store your bedding for you.  They are stylish and they hardly occupy much space in your drawers keeping them free to store more things in them.

These storage bags come in a stack of 3 and are quite long and can be easily stored under the bed. They are made from fabric and have a transparent window that allows you to see the contents of the bag.

  • You can easily store them in bed drawers. They are quite spacious and can even fit inside a closet. They are very affordable.
  • It is not waterproof.

This company is in business since 1934 and makes good quality sturdy bags that store whatever items you want to be stored. These bags are fabric bags made of double-woven polyester. They have sturdy walls and the storage bag can be folded easily when not in use.

  • Good quality, sturdy bag with handles. Can be folded easily and has a good storage capacity.
  • Slightly pricey and limited colour options.

These are the common kind of storage bags you will find both online and offline. They are easy to buy and use, hardly need any maintenance, and can safely store your things for you without allowing any dust or mold to collect on them. They also help in keeping your closet neat and organized.

I have also created a buying guide that will help you in selecting the right kind of Storage Bags for clothes so that you can go and buy them and start using them at the earliest.

Things to consider while buying Storage Bags for clothes

01. Make sure of the dimensions

When you are buying this online make sure you understand the dimensions correctly. You need to understand whether these bags will fit in your closet properly. When purchasing it in a store this is not much of a hassle because you can see the size for yourself.

02. Look into the quality

Look into the material used in the making of the storage bag. Some of them are plastic and some of them are fabric. Make sure you understand the fabric used and if they are using steel rods for support and structure then the storage bag will retain the shape for a long time increasing its durability.

03. Make sure the zips work

If you are buying offline then make sure the zips are sturdy and they are working well. Try zipping and unzipping the bag multiple times before you finalize it.

04. Look into the washing instructions

Though they may be maintenance free you must still look into the washing instructions of these storage bags. If it is a fabric storage bag then check if it can be machine washed. You can also check if a wipe down will suffice for both fabric storage bags and plastic storage bags. Make sure they don’t bleed colours if they undergo a machine wash.

05. Compare prices

If you are buying online you will realize that there is no dearth of choices when it comes to these bags. The same bag with similar dimensions is sold at different prices on different websites online. Compare different websites to get the best bag at the best price. If you are buying offline then you can visit as many shops as possible and negotiate the price with the shopkeeper before settling on one.

If all ends well you will end up buying the storage bag in the colour of your choice. Using these bags you can keep your house organized and tidy and look for items won’t be a hassle anymore as everything will be neatly arranged and in its place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I store clothes in plastic storage bags?

It is not recommended to store clothes in storage bags that are made completely of plastic as they don’t breathe enough. You can opt for fabric bags or a combination of plastic and fabric to store clothes.

What is the best way to store clothes?

You need to store your clothes in a cool, dark, and dry space. You can utilise storage bags for these and store your clothes in them. You can place these bags in your closet or your bed drawers. Never place clothes in the attic or the garage because the extreme temperature will damage your clothes. Never store your clothes in a damp place either.

What is the best way to protect my clothes?

If you are not wearing some of your clothes frequently and they are simply occupying space then you can store them in storage bags. These bags will protect your clothes from moisture, dust, mold, and mildew. Make sure your storage bags are clean and dry before you place your clothes inside them.

Can I place the storage bags in my closet to save space?

Yes, you can! When you are organising your closet you can organise your things into categories and place them in different storage bags and place them accordingly in your closet. This way your closet will be organised and you don’t have to spend much time searching for your belongings.


Storage bags are a great way to keep things in your closet organized and well-managed. These bags save space in your closet leaving it free for you to store other important things. Any organization guru’s favorite thing; is storage bags are always recommended and are used quite frequently.

They also have multiple purposes and are a safe bet when it comes to keeping your belonging well-protected. Do let me know whether you shopped for these bags recently. Were you able to organise your closet accordingly? I hope you found my post informative and that it helped you in picking the right storage bag.

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