Assam Celebrates ‘Goru Bihu’ By Organising Ramp For Cows

 Assam Celebrates ‘Goru Bihu’ By Organising Ramp For Cows

The first day of Rongali Bihu is known as ‘Goru Bihu’ and every year, the day is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm all over Assam. And among the regions, Bajali district is popular for introducing unique way of celebrating the occasion, this year is no different.

This year, Gobindaour Satra of Assam’s Bajali district celebrated the Goru Bihu by organising a sensational fashion show for cows.

This year too, on the occasion of Goru Bihu, a “Cow Fashion Show” was organized at Gobindapur Satra in Assam’s Bajali district. The celebratory programme was inaugurated by Assam Minister Ranjit Kumar Das.

The beauty pageant stole the hearts of the netzines because of its unique and out of the box concept. Instead of humans, cows of the village walked the ramp and amazed everyone. The villagers dressed the cows in unique attires, traditional Assamese gamucha, garlands and bells.

Every year, the farmers wait for Bihu to take part in unique and fun-filled activities with joy and happiness. Along with this event, many other unique celebrations also take place in the state during the festival.

The cows of the village are taken to Mah-Halodi, a nearby river for bath. They are then dressed up with bells, gamucha, beautiful clothes and garlands made of brinjal, water gourd, etc. This celebration is observed to bring together the farmers of the area and celebrate the occasion of Bihu.

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