Police Gives Out a Conspiracy Angle in Jahangirpur Riot

Police Gives Out a Conspiracy Angle in Jahangirpur Riot

The Delhi Police has some distinctive views on the riot that erupted a Shobha Yatra on Hanuman Jayanti in Jahangipur. One day after the ‘stone pelting’ violent act in northwest Delhi, the police stated that there is the probability of “a larger conspiracy” behind the attack.

The cops have arrested 23 culprits already, including two juveniles. Two of the prime suspects have been identified by the police as Ansar and Aslam. Sources believe that not only the accused have links with the 2020 northeast Delhi riots and anti-CAA-NRC protests, but also the local criminals who took part in the attack are a part of the Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants.

The crime branch has started investigating the incident to further crack open the case. Police is also being supported and helped by special intelligence agencies in solving the matter. They have stated that some of the accused criminals have prior criminal records.

The court, where this matter is being presented, sent the two main accused to police custody and other suspects were sent to the jail. Police gave a statement to the court mentioning that one of the main accused got to know about the Shobha Yatra on the 15th of April and started the conspiracy to disrupt the event.

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