12 Best Silent Ceiling Fan in India 2023

Ceiling fans have undergone a revolution, especially in terms of design and aesthetic value. Today’s fans are very efficient, can be operated by remote control, and can be connected to Wi-Fi making them smart! They also come with lights and are very silent in their operation. Don’t let their noiseless mechanism fool you; they are quite efficient as well.

While, not everyone can purchase an AC but any house is incomplete without a fan. No matter where you live in India a fan is a must. But, how to find the best silent ceiling fan in India where there are plenty of options flooding in the market? Well, don’t worry. Our team of experts spent weeks testing all the worthy options and listed some of the best silent ceiling fans for you to choose from.

List of the best silent ceiling fan in India

Following is the list of the best silent ceiling fan in India.

01. Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm
  • Silent operation at 52dB
  • 315 RPM
  • Energy efficient
  • Advanced safety features
  • Durable construction
  • Requires periodic cleaning

The Crompton Silent Pro Enso promises to be silent and efficient. It has an attractive style with a fluidic blade design in the mist white colour. Besides, the curved blades flow seamlessly, while the minimalist design complements modern environments.
This premium fan is equipped with high-end BLDC technology, commonly known for efficiency and smooth running. The ActivBLDC motor is an accurately engineered device that provides high airflow with only 52dB noise level. 
The fan has a conveniently compact remote control. There are five different speed settings, and you can simply click a button to select the speed you want to get the right airflow. Moreover, the sleep timer can be remotely preset to 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours. This is excellent for automatically switching off the fan upon sleeping.
Amazingly, the Crompton SilentPro Enso has enhanced safety and dust protection. This feature acts as an additional safety measure in the unlikely event that the mounting loosens with time. The anti-dust technology means dust doesn’t collect on the blades which is good for low maintenance. 
It has a power consumption of 42W compared to the standard fans’ power consumption 80W. This equates to almost half on electricity cost thus saving both energy and money.
Moreover, its aerodynamic blades can operate at 315 RPM keeping the fans running smoothly with high air circulation. Also, the 5 years warranty offered by the brand confirms that the design and materials are solid.


  • BLDC motor technology
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Anti-dust coating on blades
  • Fluidic blade design
  • 5 year warranty
Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm
Atomberg Renesa
02. Atomberg Renesa 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor
  • Powerful air delivery
  • LED lights
  • Remote control
  • Consistent speed
  • Durable
  • Prone to discoloration

Atomburg Renesa 1200mm ceiling fan is a low-energy, high-power device that consumes little energy and provides a strong air delivery. This BLDC motor operated fan wins the National Energy Conservation Awards 2022, becoming a new standard for economy of energy in the ceiling fan segment.
It provides 235 CMM air delivery at 360 RPM. Besides, at the peak speed, the fan uses merely 28W, which is an approximately 65% efficiency compared to standard fans.
The operation of a fan becomes more convenient using the Smart IR remote control. Moreover, with a single click, you can opt to choose from the six speed settings, activate the sleep mode, and boost mode or the timer function. It has a range of up to 20 feet when operated by the remote.
In terms of design the product has a modern minimalist looks. The sleek, curved blades that come with matte finish and integrated LED lights add to the aesthetic value of any indoor space. It is also reinforced by powder-coated paint finish.
Notably, this fan has a constant speed even with voltage fluctuations from 165 volts to 285 volts. This ensures that the fan motor remains protected and the system runs smoothly. Besides, the fan has three times longer backup than ordinary fans in case of power outages when connected to an inverter battery.
The brand offers a standard 2-year warranty and an extra year if the product is registered.


  • BLDC motor technology
  • BEE 5-star rated
  • Air delivery of 235 CMM
  • 28W power consumption
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • 2 years standard + 1 year extended warranty

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Atomberg Renesa 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor
Crompton Silent Pro Blossom 1200mm
03. Crompton Silent Pro Blossom 1200mm (48 inch), BLDC motor
  • Premium aesthetics
  • Silent operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple smart control options
  • 220 CMM
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lights not very bright

The Crompton Silent Pro Blossom 1200mm premium ceiling fan is a great product if you are looking for a silent and beautiful fan. The aerodynamic fluidic design in ABS body makes this fan a winner of Reddot Design Award 2022. 

Crompton’s 2 X Silent technologies built-in to this BLDC motor-driven fan ensures whisper-quiet operation. Besides, its own noise reduction features in conjunction with aerodynamic blade design provide powerful yet quiet airflow even at the fastest speed.
It is IoT compatible and can also be controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant. The point-anywhere remote provides helpful features like sleep timer, saves preferred choices and controls many fans. More smart features such as breeze mode, sleep mode, scheduling, and timers all for your convenience and customization needs.
Moreover, the brand has considered aesthetics in Blossom Silent Pro’s fluidic design and denim blue option. They have streamlined curves, and the premium finish profile offers a graceful profile that blends with modern and classic décors.  This is powered by a 5-star rated BLDC motor which consumes just 40W. Copper winding of high quality provides the longer service life. You have the ideal mix of air circulation and low noise with air delivery of 220 CMM and speed of 300 RPM.
Crompton gives a 5-year warranty with Silent Pro Blossom ceiling fan, promising the quality assurance.


  • Aerodynamic fluidic design
  • ABS body
  • BLDC motor
  • Breeze and sleep modes
  • Mood lighting with LED lamps
Crompton Silent Pro Blossom 1200mm
04. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless
  • Quiet operation
  • Good air circulation
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish modern design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lacks advanced features

Orient Electric Aeroquiet ceiling fan is all about aero-quiet blade design, whisper-quiet operation and energy saving features. The fan comes with a 100% copper motor that has 18 poles to ensure it runs evenly and consistently and you can expect years of service reliability. Its heavy duty design gives it long life and low noise even after hours of use.
Once connected to power, the fan rotates at 310 rpm, which circulates air in medium to large spaces of about 400 square feet. The fan is quiet, but it moves 240 CMM of air, thanks to an 18-pole motor and carefully crafted blades. 
Moreover, the Caramel Brown ABS blades are beautiful and match all traditional and modern styles of decoration. The blades also have a metallic coating that allows easy cleaning and no unsightly rust accumulation in the long run.
Besides, it has 3 speeds that can be controlled using the button. Reversing the direction is necessary. This Orient Electric ceiling fan with energy-efficient design is able to generate maximum airflow with only 65 watts of electricity on high speed. 


  • 100% copper motor
  • 18 poles
  • 48-inch aerodynamic blades
  • Rust-proof metallic blade coating
  • 310 RPM
  • Downrod mount and button controls
  • ABS plastic blades
  • Caramel Brown finish

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Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless
05. Havells Stealth Air 1200mm BLDC motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • Uniform cooling
  • Stylish design
  • Durable build
  • Expensive
  • Basic design

Havells introduces the elegance and class of the new Havells Stealth Air BLDC Ceiling Fan. This premium ceiling fan comes in a pearl white finish with aerodynamic blades that run silently. This is an energy-efficient motor equipped with ECO BLDC technology and it consumes approximately 50% less power than a regular fan while maintaining the same performance.
Its 1200mm sweep improves air delivery for increased cooling comfort. Besides, you will also have three adjustable speeds and an integrated time which you can set from 1 to 4 hours. It has an easy-to-use RF remote control that can be used in any direction while seated anywhere in the room to operate the fan.
Moreover, the product has inbuilt voltage stabilization which enables a stable operation even at lower voltages.  


  • 1200mm sweep
  • Aerodynamic blades
  • ECO BLDC technology motor
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilization
  • RF remote control
  • Painted pearl white finish
  • Aluminum body
  • 3 speeds
  • Downrod mount
Havells Stealth Air 1200mm BLDC motor
Bajaj Energos 12DC5R 1200mm Silent BLDC Ceiling Fan
06. Bajaj Energos 12DC5R 1200mm Silent BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • 65% energy saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Good air delivery
  • Remote convenience
  • Durable metal construction
  • No option for flush mount

Bajaj Energos 12DC5R is energy saving and silent BLDC ceiling fan having powerful air delivery at minimal electricity bills. This is a BEE 5-stared fan that has an 8.25 service value and can save up to 65% of energy compared to a conventional fan.
This product operates at 26 Watts to deliver quick cooling in the room and consumes very low power. Besides, the fan also has a remote control that enables you to easily control the fan and switch between the different speed settings depending on your requirement.
It has a glossy white design and would match both contemporary as well as classical interiors. Moreover, the fan has a sweep size of 1200mm which is designed for medium to large rooms. 
Energos 12DC5R is made of metal and has three-bladed design and high speed rating of 340 RPM respectively. It has silent operation and high airflow and so can be appropriate for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants and other spacious rooms in homes and commercial places. Besides, this fan has a 2-year warranty from Bajaj for domestic usage.


  • BEE 5-star rate
  • Silent BLDC motor
  • 26W power consumption
  • Remote controlled
  • 1200mm sweep size
  • Downrod mount
  • Metal blades
  • 340 RPM speed
  • 2-year warranty
Bajaj Energos 12DC5R 1200mm Silent BLDC Ceiling Fan
07. Luminous Copter 1200mm Smart High-Speed Ceiling Fan
  • Strong airflow
  • Silent operation
  • Distraction-free environments
  • Easy installation
  • Premium design
  • Large blade size

The Luminous Copter 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan is the best option for home or office to obtain high airflow with no noise. It is constructed using lightweight aluminum for its modern engineering and aesthetic design, giving it a premium look and feel. Besides, its 230 Cubic metres per minute of air flow capacity from the large 1200mm blades to quickly fill a room. The high-speed air circulation of the motor is ultra quiet with advanced engineering that will not disrupt conversations and concentration in spite of this.
This ceiling fan has a strong 380 RPM motor, which is encased glossy high quality housing to handle continuous usage with minimal overheating or noise buildup. Besides, in the long-term, the reduced energy bills will be appreciated by both home and office owners.
The downrod and mounting hardware for attaching securely to the ceiling are included, making the installation easy. Moreover, the lightweight aluminum blades can be operated via remote or buttons on the motor housing once they are mounted. It comes with 5 speed settings to enable users to adjust the air flow as they wish.


  • 1200mm aluminum blades
  • 230 CMM
  • 380 RPM motor
  • 75W consumption
  • Remote and button controls
  • 2-year warranty
Luminous Copter 1200mm Smart
High-Speed Ceiling Fan
08. ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus 1200 MM Noiseless BLDC
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-silent operation
  • Powerful air circulation
  • Aesthetically pleasing premium design
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple smart remote features
  • Limited colour options

The Activa Premium Series Lotus 1200MM ceiling fan is a beautifully crafted, energy efficient appliance that works quietly and provides optimum airflow for cooling comfort. This fan, which is a super energy-efficient BLDC fan consuming just 28 watts, has earned a BEE 5-star rating for its energy efficiency. Besides, the advanced inverter technology in the motor ensures that the fan runs for about three times longer on inverter battery than the ordinary fans.
The double ball bearings incorporated in the fan ensures smooth and noiseless rotation, adding to the fan’s noiseless performance. Its rosewood finish and wooden blades create a nice look that goes with any modern home interior. Moreover, this fan has 1200MM sweep and 380 RPM which provide for optimized room circulation and cooling airflow. The smart remote allows easy control of the six speed settings that include booster and reverse modes, nature, and sleep modes, and the timer function.
Besides, it is easy-to-use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Additionally, the brand offers a five year warranty on this product showcasing the reliability and stability.


  • 28W BLDC motor
  • Inverter technology
  • Smart IR remote
  • Multiple modes
  • 1200mm sweep & 380 RPM
  • Double ball bearing
  • Premium rosewood finish and wooden blades
  • 5 year warranty
ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus 1200 MM Noiseless BLDC
09. Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Easy installation and connectivity
  • Stylish appearance
  • Durable premium paint finish
  • Not appropriate for all interior decor styles

The Havells Andria 1200mm ceiling fan comes with a stylish and modern design and serves as more than a cooling solution. It goes beyond looks to deliver impressive performance and whisper quiet operation that puts many other fans to shame.
The copper winding motor is at the heart of Andria’s stellar performance, delivering significant air delivery at low voltages. This makes the fan a perfect choice for Indian houses that experience frequent voltage fluctuations. It has a dust-resistant casing that encloses the motor, prevents dust from accumulating inside and ensuring smooth operation for many years.
Its single-piece canopy design and easy-connect technology make installing the Andria a breeze. The premium paint finish retains its sheen which reduces the maintenance as well. 
The remote control of this product is also very stylish as it enables one to operate the fan without getting up from the bed. It is very simple to do the reverse rotation mode from normal to sleep. The fan’s value proposition is further reinforced by the remote-controlled convenience.


  • 1200mm blade size
  • Powerful copper winding motor
  • Dust-resistant design
  • Remote control
  • Indigo blue color
  • 2 year warranty
Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant
Ceiling Fan
10. Havells Enticer 1200mm Decorative, Dust Resistant
  • Stylish, premium look
  • Silent operation
  • High air delivery
  • Consumes 74 Watts
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive
  • Prone to scratches
  • No remote control

Havells Enticer 1200mm Ceiling fan is crafted to create an impression by its exotic rich looks and smart aesthetics suitable for modern interior spaces. Its quality components not only provide premium look but also guarantee good operation.
The three aerodynamically designed blades provide strong air flow and efficient circulation to bring quick cooling of medium to large size rooms. Besides, the air circulation is truly exceptional due to the heavy-duty copper motor that yields high rotor RPMs at low voltages, ensuring smooth performance even in regions with voltage anomalies.
Moreover, the Havells Enticer’s silent operation is a highlight. These double ball bearings are designed to reduce friction and noise so that the fan can run quickly but without irritating noise. The motor with only 74W of energy-efficient induction motor delivers the most efficient air delivery without compromising on electricity consumption. It works smoothly in all households with a 240V requirement. 


  • 1200mm metallic finish
  • 74W copper motor
  • Double ball bearings
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • Operates quietly
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides powerful air delivery
  • Downrod mount and button control
  • 2 years warranty
Havells Enticer 1200mm Decorative,
Dust Resistant
11. Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan
  • Low noise operation
  • Good air delivery
  • Maintains speed with voltage fluctuations
  • Easy installation
  • Short cord length provided
  • No smart app control

Orient Electric i-Tome ceiling fan is a new revolutionary product that uses intelligence technology alongside energy efficient systems. This 1200mm fan features a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, which is extremely quiet and uses only 26W at peak power consumption. 
The BLDC motor operates with inverter stabilisation technology where the fan is able to run effectively even with voltage fluctuation from 140V to 270V. Besides, it does not have stability problems when running on low voltages as the smart motor ensures a constant RPM speed.
The fan’s intelligent design is also enhanced by a smart remote control that allows users to have sleep and boost modes plus a programmable timer that supports settings like 2,4,6 and 8 hours.
Besides, you can effortlessly control the fan with the 5 speed settings available, offering optimal airflow and cooling. On the highest speed setting, the I-Tome generates 370RPM airflow providing 220 cubic meters of airflow per minute of air delivery. 
Moreover, the Orient Electric I-Tome intellegent ceiling fan is a fan rated as a 5-star fan for its energy efficiency to help households save on energy bills. Also, its 3-year on-site warranty ensures buyers that buying this product is a wise decision.


  • BLDC motor technology
  • Inverter stabilization
  • Silent operation
  • Remote control
  • High RPM
  • Energy saving
Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC
ceiling fan
12. Crompton Aura Prime 1200 mm
  • High air delivery
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Silent operation
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Titanium color may not suit all interiors

The Crompton Aura Prima 1200mm ceiling fan is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas at home. This compact electric ceiling fan is stylish and will complement any indoor decor. It is a rugged aluminum-built painted electric fan that runs on 230V. The downrod mount comes with it for ease of installment. Aura Prime is a model from Crompton that has the AntiDust technology which dust does not settle at the blades and the air in the room is the ambient.
Besides, the ceiling fan has 370 RPM velocity air circulation and 230 cubic meters air flow per minute. The 5 speeds settings allow you to adjust and manage the airflow so that you are comfortable. It is also easy to use button control for speed operation.
Moreover, the Aura Prime 1200mm fan is a low-energy appliance that uses just 74 Watts of electricity. This translates to a daily use energy-saving electric fan that can lower energy bills in India. Also, a two-year manufacturer’s warranty ensures quality and after-sales support.


  • 1200mm blade size
  • Titanium effect color
  • 5 speed settings
  • Button control
  • 74W power consumption
  • 230 cubic meters/min air delivery
  • AntiDust technology

2 years warranty

Crompton Aura Prime 1200 mm

Top Silent Ceiling Fan in India compared

ProductsSize (Blade Span)Technology/FeaturesColor/FinishEnergy EfficiencyWarrantyNoise Level
Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm1225 mm (48 inch)Anti-Dust, Remote-controlledMist White50% reduction in electricity consumption5 Years52 dB
atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor1200 mmEnergy Saving, Remote-controlled, National Energy Conservation Award (2022)Brown and BlackUp to 65%2+1 Year54 dB
Crompton Silent Pro Blossom 1200mm1200 mm (48 inch)Silent, Smart IoT features, Remote-controlled, BLDC motorDenim Blue5 Star BLDC5 Years52 dB
Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless Premium1230 mm (48 inch)Noiseless, 18-pole strong motorCaramelNot specified2 Years70 dB
Havells Stealth Air1200 mmSilent, Premium Look, BLDC motor, Remote-controlledPearl White50% lessNot specified55 dB
Bajaj Energos 12DC5R 1200mm1200 mmSilent, Energy Efficient, Remote-controlledWhiteUp to 65%2-Yr58 dB
Luminous Copter 1200mm1200 mmHigh Speed, SilentSilent BlueBEE2 Year60 dB
ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus 1200 MM1200 mmNoiseless, BLDC, Wooden FinishSmoke Wood28 Watts5 Years60 dB
Havells Andria 1200mm1200 mmDust ResistantIndigo Blue3.7 out of 52 Years56 dB
Havells Enticer 1200mm1200 mmDust Resistant, HPLVVineerLow2 Years58 dB
Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm1200 mmIntelligent BLDC, Energy Saving, Remote-controlledWhite26W3 Year On-Site54 dB
Crompton Aura Prime 1200mm1200 mm (48 inch)Not specifiedTitanium Effect74 W2 Years54 dB

Despite individual tastes and special requirements, Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor Fan can be considered as a very suitable product for the first place. The fan is highly energy-efficient, consuming only 28W at the highest speed, translating to up to 65% energy savings over the traditional fans. It comes with an intelligent IR remote and includes boost mode, timer, and speed. It is also constant in speed while voltage is fluctuating, resulting in continuous operation. The LED fan is sleek and has a contemporary design.

How to buy a silent ceiling fan in India?

I have shared some tips that will help you in selecting a very good silent ceiling fan in India that will last for a very long time.

  • When looking for a fan enquire about the motor used. Fans from reputed brands will have good motors that are energy efficient and consume less power. The more efficient a fan is the quieter it will be.
  • Ceiling fans have many features. They come with lights, they are remote-controlled, etc. Look into all the features and opt for one that is most suited to your lifestyle.
  • The quality of the fan matters. It is better to opt for fans made from metal blades as they circulate the air better and it is easy to clean and maintain them. These fans also come in a variety of beautiful designs.
  • Blade count of the fan matters. It is ideal for your fan to have blades ranging from 3 to 4. The more the number of blades the less efficient it will be. However, fans that have 3 to 4 blades will have better balance as the weight gets evenly distributed, making them less noisy than other fans.
  • The style and appearance of these fans can make guests go gaga over them. Many of these fans are not only highly functional but are well designed and look very artistic. They certainly increase the aesthetic value of the ceiling. Buying a fan involves looking at it from many angles as you can co-ordinate them with the interior décor of your house. They are also instrumental in providing the perfect ambience.
  • Most fans are built to last a lifetime. I have seen fans operating for 30 years in many homes. Opt for ceiling fans from a reputed brand and go for warranties that last for several years. Fans are low maintenance and need to be cleaned well. They do not require any other technical intervention or service so buying from reputed manufacturers works in your favour.
  • It is better to buy a fan offline. After checking all the features, asking for a demo and inspecting closely will help you buy a good fan.

These are some of the tips I have shared with you. It is best to enquire in many places and from multiple sources to get a good price on your fan.


Ceiling fans have been part of our homes from the very beginning. They complete our homes and make our journey through summer comfortable. Be it a hot and dry climate or a humid one fans are a must. They circulate the air better, work well with the AC and bring you relief from hot summers.

The fans of today are modern and stylish. They have many attractive features and play a central role in our ceilings. Even the switchboard used to control the fan has transformed into something sleek and stylish and has completely replaced the huge controls of yore. I hope you enjoyed reading my article on the silent ceiling fan in India and it helped you buy the fan of your dreams.

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