Assam Rifles Unit of Srikona organises a voluntary blood donation camp

 Assam Rifles Unit of Srikona organises a voluntary blood donation camp

Assam Rifles unit of Srikona Battalion of Headquarters 21 Sector, under the guidance of Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles (East), organised a voluntary blood donation camp on the 14th of June, 2022 to celebrate the “World Blood donor Day”.

A soldier is donating blood in Blood donation camp

The event was a success as 27 units of blood was collected from 26 army personals, including a female member of the unit. Among the 27 units, 8 units of blood belong to rare blood groups, including O negative, A negative, B negative, etc.

Voluntary Blood donation camp Srikona Organized by Assam Rifles

The voluntary blood donation camp was monitored by a team of experts and doctors from Silchar Medical college and Hospital. All the procedures were carried out by following the guidelines and rules that come under universal precautions for blood donation. This year’s slogan was “Donating Blood Is An Act Of Solidarity. Join The Effort And Save Lives”. The team of SMCH conveyed their gratitude and appreciation for the army personnel who were involved in the camp.

Blood donation camp staff and donor

Every year, the day is observed with great enthusiasm around Barak Valley. Many institutions, organizations and offices have also participated in the act separately, making the day remarkable around the region.

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