“Girls Friendliness With Boys Can’t Be Constructed As Her Consent To Sexual Relationship” – Bombay High Court

In today’s world we often witness the blend of lust in certain relationships which ultimately spoils the essence of it. A recent order of Mumbai High Court has cleared that a friendly behavior of a girl is not a consent for sexual relationship.

Girls Friendliness With Boys Can't Be Constructed As Her Consent To Sexual Relationship - Bombay High Court

Recently, the Bombay High Court noticed and declared that just because a girl is friendly with a boy, that won’t allow the boy to assume it as her concent to initiate any sexual relationship. Also the Bombay High court rejected the pre arrest bail request of a man who has been accused of impregnating a woman after promising her marriage.

The jury made the observation over the order passed by Justice Bharati Dangre on 24th June. Justice Dangre declined the bail application filed by Ashish Chakor, who is accused of raping a woman.
According to the victim, she was friendly with Chakor and he asked for sexual relationship with her, promising that he would marry her.
She denied to the sexual relationship and according to her, Chakor forced himself on her and later refused to marry.
On the other hand Chakor in his defence claims that the woman has consented to the physical relationship.

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