8 Best office chair for work from home in India (November 2022)

 8 Best office chair for work from home in India (November 2022)

With work-from-home opportunities picking up across all industries many employees prefer working from their homes and will continue to do so in the near future. The relaxing home environment and the proximity to their family members are one of the biggest reasons for the surge in favourable attitudes towards working from home.

Most people also customize their working area at home and bring in their favourite pieces of furniture together to create the optimum environment. In setting up an office at home to work productively and efficiently a dedicated table and chair are the basic requirements.

Investing in the best comfortable chair for work from home is worth the money as one will spend a long time working at their desk. The long hours will lead to slouching and hunching which in turn will lead to a bad posture.

That is why investing in the best ergonomic office chair for work from home, that allows you to sit comfortably and work is certainly not a bad idea. Other advantages are also attributed to this furniture which can be seen in the next section.

Today, in this post I will try to guide you to select the best office chair for working from home in India, which will also include the best office chairs in India for back pain as well so that you can say goodbye to the terrible back pain that became a part of your life lately. but before diving into the list, let’s find out some of the advantages of buying the best ergonomic office chair for work from home.

List of the best office chair for work from home in India

Following is the list of the best office chair for work from home in India available online in 2022.

The Sleep Company Smart GRID High-Back Chair for Office & Home is a black ergonomically designed chair that allows the user to work productively from their workstations. It supports the spine and provides comfort to the tailbone so that the user can work without any hassle. Besides, this is considered one of the best office chairs in India for back pain.

Key Features:

  • The seat is made from patented smart grid technology
  • The office chair is designed for orthopaedic back support
  • The chair can tilt 135 degrees backwards
  • The armrests can also be adjusted and the wheels have a chrome finish
  • The Samhongsa gas lift system can easily handle 150 kg of weight
  • This chair is well-designed and provides adequate lumbar support to the back.
  • The wheels are not detachable.

Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Mesh Ergonomic Home-Office Chair with AWSM is a black nylon chair that has an easily breathable fabric. This is one of the best ergonomic office chairs for working from home. It comes with a weight-sensing mechanism that senses the body weight automatically. The armrests are well-padded and the height can be adjusted and there is a lever to lock the position the user is most comfortable in.

Key Features:

  • The office chair has a gas lift system that makes it very easy to adjust the height of the chair
  • The headrest is adjustable to provide optimum comfort to the user
  • The seat has a cushioned lumbar support which reduces the strain on the spine
  • The castors of the chair can travel for 15 km without getting a single scratch
  • This chair has good castors and comes with a weight-sensing mechanism that adjusts accordingly.
  • The headrest has a tendency to wobble.

Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair is an office chair that is well cushioned and has a vibrant colour. The chair is contoured with plush padding and the leatherette finish provides a luxurious look to the home office. The headrest is integrated and the armrests are padded.

Key Features:

  • The office chair comes with integrated lumbar support that reduces the strain on the upper body and neck
  • The fixed cushioned armrests eliminate the pressure on the wrists and forearms
  • The height of the chair can be adjusted and it can be titled up to 135 degrees back
  • The base of the chair ensures a smooth swivel with dual castor rolling wheels
  • The upholstery is 100% vegan and no animals were harmed in making this product.
  • This chair is made from premium materials.
  • The base of the chair has dual castor rolling wheels increasing mobility significantly.
  • You can’t lock the pushback.

Green Soul Zodiac Pro Office Chair is an ergonomically designed mesh chair that has high back support and a breathable mesh that provides a sweat-free experience. The lumbar support of this office chair can be pushed forwards or backwards according to the user’s comfort. The chair can support a maximum weight of 110 kg.

Key Features:

  • This ergonomically designed chair supports the neck, shoulders, back and lumbar region of the body
  • The Korean mesh keeps the chair well-ventilated and prevents sweating and moisture build-up
  • The headrest can also be angled up and down for more comfort
  • The armrests can also be adjusted up and down and back and forth
  • The heavy-duty base facilitates a 360-degree swivel and the smooth-rolling castors increase the mobility of the chair.
  • This chair has a Korean mesh that well ventilates the chair and the armrests not only move up and down but also move back and forth.
  • Memory foam is not there.
  • It doesn’t have wheel locks.

NXTGEN MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair that has numerous adjustable features that will help the user find a comfortable seating position. Every facet of this office chair can be adjusted. The black recline function can tilt the chair backwards and the seat itself can be moved back and forth.

Key Features:

  • The base of this chair is made from cast aluminium and the chair can move easily across hard and carpeted floors
  • There is a height adjustment and tilt-locking system
  • The high-quality gas lift helps in adjusting the chair easily
  • This office chair is easy to install and can be completed in 7 simple steps.
  • This chair provides optimum comfort and is made from high-grade parts.
  • The metal base lends extra stability to the chair.
  • The chair comes in one size only and the white paint gets dirty easily.

Kepler Brooks Chair for Office Work at Home is a swivel office chair that has a leatherette upholstery. The internal frame of the chair is made from wood. The ergonomically designed chair features a double-layer cushion that provides a snug fit to the user. The chair comes with padded armrests that reduce the strain on the elbows and wrists.

Key Features:

  • It has an easy recline and can be titled with the help of a lever. It can recline up to 125 degrees
  • The seat cushion has extra 44 moulded foam
  • The chair has a sturdy chrome base and the wheels can swivel 360 degrees
  • The office chair comes with extendable leg rest that provides premium comfort to the user.
  • The waterproof leatherette is easy to clean and is stain free.
  • This chair comes with an extended leg rest that is neatly placed under the cushioned seat.
  • The attachment of the extended leg rest needs to be improved.

Kriss Kross Crown Big & Tall Modern Executive Office Chair is a brown faux leather office chair that can support a maximum weight of 125 kg. This midcentury-style office chair has an adjustable angle seat a 360-degree swivel and smooth rolling castors that can be customized.

Key Features:

  • The chair has 3 layers of sponge foam which makes the chair more comfortable
  • The knee-tilt multi-lock mechanism is used in this chair which makes the chair sturdier
  • The chair is made from premium quality materials
  • This chair is made from premium materials, doesn’t wobble and has great stability.
  • Looks very posh when placed in the home office.
  • High-range product.

Undesk Ergonomic High Back Office Chair is a white office chair that is designed to keep the posture upright and mimic the human spine. It helps support the back by aligning the spine. This in turn alleviates the strain put on the lower back muscles. The wheels of this office chair are uniquely designed and aren’t closed like the castor wheels.

Key Features:

  • The tilt adjustment lever allows the user to tilt back up to 135 degrees
  • The V-shaped lumbar support provides optimum comfort to the spine and back muscles
  • The headrest is highly breathable and can be adjusted up and down
  • The armrests come with a streamlined design
  • The cushion is padded with 8 cm of sponge that disperses pressure evenly
  • The office chair comes with an SGS certified Gas lift cylinder making it easy to adjust the height of the chair.
  • This chair has V-shaped lumbar support that tries to align with the spine.
  • The headrest is highly breathable.
  • The armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted.

Spending long hours in front of the computer is what entails a work-from-home job description. This doesn’t mean one should compromise on comfort and for this reason, a buying guide has been discussed highlighting the important factors that will help buy the best office chair for work from home in India online.

Things to consider while buying an office chair for work from home in India

The important factors to consider when buying an office chair:

  • Office chairs come with adjustable height. The height of the chair should allow one to be on a level with the workstation and the knees should not be higher or lower than the hips when seated. If the knees are lower than the hips then it will result in slouching and if the knees are higher than the hip it adds unnecessary strain on the lower back muscles.
  • Tilt control of an office chair to has an impact on posture. Tilting a little towards the back is recommended as this helps in protecting the spine. Look for a chair that allows one to tilt back slightly. A 100 or 110-degree angle tilt of the backrest to the seat is considered ideal.
  • The length and width of the chair need to be considered before buying. Checking the dimensions of the chair is vital as this will help ascertain the comfort of the chair. It is prudent to buy spacious chairs that provide plenty of space to sit and aren’t too deep.
  • Arms rests are an important source of support and one mustn’t take this aspect lightly. Armrests prevent discomfort in your arms, neck and shoulders. Again having adjustable armrests are beneficial so that one can position their wrists at level with the keyboard.
  • Office chairs are made from many materials like leather, resin, mesh, etc. Mesh chairs are well-ventilated and keep the back airy. Leather or faux chairs give the room or workstation a sophisticated look and are slightly expensive.
  • The lumbar region of the back is between the hips and the chest and is part of a crucial section of the spine. The lower back vertebrae are quite strong but they still need plenty of support regularly. Many office chairs offer lumbar support and some chairs are even modified to provide an S-shaped spinal posture. These are aspects to focus on when purchasing an office chair for work from home in India.

Advantages of an office chair

  • Office chairs or ergonomically designed chairs are adjustable and align with the user’s requirements including the height and height of the workstation thereby reducing the strain on the spine.
  • Office chairs with a backrest and headrest provide optimum support to the curvature of the spine and reduce the stress on the lower back muscles. Having a backrest is advantageous as it supports the entire back.
  • Adjusting the office chair to a 90-degree angle allows proper circulation of blood in the legs and this prevents the legs from going sore or numb.
  • A good office chair boosts the productivity of the user (be it a student or an employee) as they are less distracted from uncomfortable postures and the pain that ensues from sitting for long hours uncomfortably.

Amazon has an amazing collection of office chairs that are sold exclusively. They come with a warranty and an easy EMI option that help the buyer acquire one without any hitch. The EMI options make these chairs pocket friendly and increase the convenience of shopping.


Office chairs have become a necessity and are no longer a luxury. With work from home paving the way for a new office culture a dedicated space has become the need of the hour. In this dedicated space an office chair has become an integral component that provides the optimum support to the user to work productively for many long hours.

Office chairs offer many benefits including reducing the strain on the spine and shoulders. An ergonomically designed chair will not only provide the required support but will also prevent any problems related to bad posture. Setting up a home office has never been easier as acquiring a good office chair is just one click away.


A quick recap of the blog above:

  • Discussed the changing office environment that has led to an increase in demand for office chairs
  • Talked about the various advantages one can receive by owning an office chair
  • Listed the various ergonomically designed office chairs available on Amazon
  • Discussed a buying guide highlighting the important factors to consider
  • Concluded the blog by talking about the need for office chairs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are office chairs useful?

Office chairs are useful because they offer ergonomic support and are easy on your bones and posture.

What is the impact of a good office chair?

The impact of a good office chair can be directly felt on the posture. People unconsciously slouch or hunch and an office chair provide good support to the body and helps maintain proper posture when sitting

Is it good to have an office chair with arms?

Having an office chair with arms provides more back and neck support to the user. It also allows the user to rest their arms comfortably and that reduces the muscle strain on the back.

Why are office chairs so comfortable?

Office chairs are comfortable because they are ergonomically designed to lower the impact of pressure on joints. They also provide optimum support to the neck and back muscles enabling the user to work for long hours.

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